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10 x 10 ml stock essences in set   (sold in 3 small boxes)

The Bloesem Soul Essences have to do with the connection, growth and development of the soul.  What is the difference with these essences and the other flower essences?  A brief explanation of the difference between mind and soul is therefore important.  The spirit, the breath, is the power that brings the body, the material, to like.  It is just like your phone: when there is no battery in it, it is a dead thing you cannot do anything with.  The battery, the mind, is needed to bring the phone, the body, to life.  The two together therefore form a trinity. The body that has life, The body therefore consists of the components light and breath = breath that together form the unity, life.

The soul, on the other hand, is the lore of the experiences that a person has experienced from many lifetimes and has shaped him/her.  That is why we call someone who has experiences a lot, an old soul.  However, the soul can be divided into male and female parts.  The male are the experiences in the outside world and the female is what has been experienced in the emotional world.  Together they form a unity again: god the father and the divine mother.  (It seems that every nation honours its divine mother, such as Isis, Shakti, Lakshmi, Kali, Kuan Yin and Mother Mary.  But in fact they are all the embodiments of the same divine mother.)  The divine father and divine mother are the areas where all experiences are stored from old lives.  These areas connect with Akasha, and it is the area where an exchange of souls takes place.

The soul combination essences focus then on deep and old experiences and re-balance thus the stuck and deeply rooted patterns.  The "ordinary" flower essences are therefore more focused on the supplements of the mind, the feelings and the imbalances in daily life. 

The Soul Essences Set now contains the following 10 essences, which are sold individually or as a set (2 boxes + 2 essences):

  • Group Soul
  • Primal Soul
  • Soul Comfort 
  • Soul Creation
  • Soul Development
  • Soul Freedom
  • Soul Joy
  • Soul Manifestation
  • Soul Safety
  • Soul's Rest
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