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12 x 10 ml stock essences in set

When you have once more found your original being and are bonded with your own being, then the essences in the Bloesem Special Essences Set help you to unite with the changes taking place in these new times.  From the aware self towards being aware that you owe your existence to the all, A return to the deeper levels of all that is, connecting you with the universe through your awareness.  The essences in this set help you in this process of awareness realising that in your innermost bond you are one with all, becoming aware of the beings of nature; from the animal world to the angelic world and the stars. 

This set contains the following 12 Bloesem combination essences, which are sold individually or as a set:

  • 4 Elements
  • 4 Mushrooms
  • Animal Freedom
  • Cell Phone
  • Integration
  • Living Starlight
  • Love
  • Rainbow
  • Protection
  • Purity
  • Terra Emergency
  • The Spiritual Path
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