‘The Essence of Vibrational Medicine’© 

Level 1 Webinar - Audio CD Set - 8 Discs 

The Essence of Vibrational Medicine© is available as a dynamic 8-CD audio set in a hard-protective case.  This Level 1 CD series covers much of the information in our live Level 1 workshops taught in half a dozen countries around the globe since 1996. 

If you would like to learn more about what the Living Light Essences can do for you, and how to use them more effectively, personally and/or professionally, this audio series will give you a new view of how effective essences can be in helping you make those changes in your life you have been trying to make for some time… 





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Comments about "The Essence of Vibrational Medicine" - CD Series©

"I loved the course. I found Jeff's teaching to be clear and insightful, and his description of the distinctions between the chemical/physical and energetic/vibrational paradigms in the very beginning the best I've ever heard. Thank you."


Audio Webinar - The Spiritual Nature of Illness© 

Have you ever wondered why we become ill,
what causes illness to occur,
where illness comes from,
and how we heal?
Have you pondered the answers to these questions?


Explore these questions and possible answers with us in this webinar.

downloadable-sample-audioListen to a SAMPLE of 'The Spiritual Nature of Illness' 

Downloadable SAMPLE audio of 'The Spiritual Nature of Illness' - FREE

downloadable-sample-audioListen to the FULL webinar of 'The Spiritual Nature of Illness'

Downloadable FULL audio of 'The Spiritual Nature of Illness' - $35.00 CAD

Comments about ‘The Spiritual Nature of Illness’©

“Thank you for being there!  It was absolutely wonderful.  I always learn something new.  Keep it up.  Great work.”  - A.R

“Thanks so much for the teleconference – I found it really informative and inspiring.”  - D.J.