Obstacles: Understanding underlying patterns and healing the cause, not just the symptom 

This intensive course offers practical training in the obstacle module of the Living Light Healing System©.  The obstacle module teaches you the difference between a cause and a symptom.  It provides you with a system to discover, understand and explain what a specific pattern is, how it works and how it manifests in your life.  Combined with your knowledge of Sequencing© from Level 2, this course gives you a complete tool set to understand and change patterns.  This course can help you assist others in changing their lives - rewriting and healing their past, and helping them chart a new course for the future.  If you have ever wanted to understand the real nature of illness and challenge, and put into practice the wisdom and knowledge to change it - this course is for you. 

What can I expect to learn in this course?

  • The difference, and relationship between a cause and a symptom
  • The model of the three rivers: The role that ideas, thoughts, feelings and memories play in health
  • How to define an obstacle / pattern / cause
  • How a pattern manifests in the body and in life
  • The 10 classes of obstacles, what they are and how they affect people
  • The power of archetypes
  • Where do patterns come from: Understanding the three faces of the past
  • The role of space and time in disease and illness
  • Healing the cause: How to heal and re-write the patterns and obstacles to our goals 

What will I be able to do with what I’ve learned in the course?

After taking this course, you will have some new tools to help you find out what is blocking you or your client from achieving a specific goal; understand how these patterns affect their life; how they were created; where they come from; and most importantly how to change them.  You will have a more complete tool set for helping your clients discover their own patterns, and heal them at their source. 

What are the benefits to taking this course?

  • Learn about what causes illness and disharmony
  • Discover how to define a pattern
  • Discover where patterns come from, and how to determine their origins
  • Learn how to understand the cause of a problem, and how it relates to the symptom
  • Learn how specific patterns express and manifest themselves
  • Explore the various types and classifications of patterns
  • Practice changing patterns through the use of vibrational medicine
  • Learn a practical step-by-step method for determining a person’s patterns and helping them heal
  • Learn how you can help others achieve their goals, by overcoming their own internal obstacles 

Who can benefit from a course like this?

The Living Light Healing System© course is designed specifically for health practitioners interested in healing from the inside out.  It is open to all graduates of the Level 2 Course – whether you are a practitioner or not, although the course is designed specifically for people who wish to work with others.  Past Living Light course participants include a mix of people who use essences personally for their own benefit, and health professionals of multiple disciplines including:

  • Acupuncturists
  • Chiropractors
  • Counsellors
  • Dentists
  • Energy Healers
  • Essence practitioners/therapists
  • Feng-Shui Consultants
  • Holistic Health Professionals
  • Homeopaths
  • Kinesiologists
  • Massage Therapists
  • Medical Doctors
  • Naturopaths
  • Nurses
  • Nutritional Consultants
  • Osteopaths
  • Reiki Practitioners

This course has been taught in over half a dozen countries worldwide and has received top ratings by its participants around the globe. 

What do past participants have to say about this course? 

“Deeply deep…achieving the root causes and dissolving them.”  - M.V.S 

“A different way of using Essences that promotes the discovery of the real causes of human suffering…”  - A.B.S 

“Absolutely wonderful!  It is hard to describe the level of what is being taught, as it is so different from what we are used to seeing.”  ­- A.M. 

“A wonderful experience to heal myself and help to heal others.”  - C.B 

“Profound.  Transformative!”  - M.B 

“Something very deep, with an objective of healing, comprehension…and liberating [those] patterns that were stuck [in order to] achieve your goals and happiness.  One course given with majesty, beauty, kindness, conviction and love.”  - E.N 

“Extremely serious and useful…”  - M.C 

“An opportunity to heal the wounds “now” and forever. Amen!”  - M.S