Have you ever wondered why we become ill,
what causes illness to occur,where illness comes from,
and how we heal?
Have you pondered the answers to these questions?
Explore these questions and possible answers with us in this webinar…

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  • The important differences between a symptom and a cause 
  • Understanding the physical and ‘spiritual’ causes of illness:
    • Exploring the spiritual causes of illness
    • The innate relationship between the spiritual and physical causes of illness 
  • The gene factor:
    • The role that genetics play in illness 
  • The environmental factor:
    • The role of the environment in illness 
  • The role of the past upon the present:
    • Understanding the implications of the past and how to heal them


  • What is illness?
  • Who created illness? Did ‘God’ create it? Or did humanity?  Who is responsible?
  • Where does illness come from?
  • How does illness work? How do we get ill in the first place?
  • Why do we get ill? Why does illness exist and what purpose does it serve?
  • A look at specific illnesses and their causes
  • Physical healing vs. spiritual healing: Can you heal on one level and not on another?
  • How we can truly heal the roots of our problems?
  • A step-by-step approach to addressing the spiritual nature of illness  

This webinar has four parts 

Part 1:  The Physical Causes of Disease
Part 2:  The Spiritual Causes of Disease
Part 3:  Patterns: Healing the Three Faces of the Past
Part 4:  Sequencing: Re-wiring Patterns Using Essences  


What do past participants have to say about this course?  

“Thank you so much, the teleconference was great.” – K.S.  

“Thank you for being there!  It was absolutely wonderful.  I always learn something new.  Keep it up.  Great work.”  - A.R.  

“It is me who has something to say thank you for!  No words can express the gratitude for your generosity and dedication.  Keep it up.” – A.T.  

“Thanks so much for the teleconference – I found it really informative and inspiring.”  - D.J.  

“I loved the teleconference and hope that you do many more.  I think this is a valuable way for us to learn about the Essences and for you to train us.  I can’t wait for the next one.”  - D.P.