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15 ml stock essence

Blackberry Flower Essences - Purity of thought; for "the terrible two's"; for children who have been exposed to harmful movies or television programs; for negative attitudes

(excerpted with permission from ‘The Flower Essence Handbook’ by Lila Devi)


Flower essences build a welcome bridge between children’s relationships with those around them, and especially with themselves:

  • For families
  • For the dynamics between mother and child
  • For issues with siblings
  • At school
  • With peers

What better tool than flower essences to “nurture their nature” to:

  • enhance their innate talents, gifts and charm
  • support their intrinsic wisdom
  • redirect their behaviours and attitudes toward their highest potential


This essence is made from the vibrational frequencies of the Blackberry (Rubus Alleghenienses) flower, brandy ((40% alcohol/volume), and water.


Directions for children are basically the same as for adults: 2 to 4 drops of Stock Concentrate under the tongue, or added to water or juice, though not milk (10 minutes before a meal or an hour after), 4 times daily. The essences can be given more often if needed, even 10 to 20 times a day.

You may also add 16 Stock Concentrate drops to bath water or 2 to 4 drops to the baby bottle. Spraying the crib or bed with the essences in a misting bottle is helpful as well. During pregnancy is an especially sensitive time to take essences. Also, babies who are nursing will receive essences through the mother’s milk.

To eliminate the brandy preservative, simply prepare a 1-oz. Dosage Bottle with 2 drops of Stock Concentrate and filling the bottle with spring water. This bottle will retain its potency for one month if refrigerated. Please note: essences need to be stored out of heat and direct sunlight.

Any combination of the above dosage methods is acceptable. You may find your child reminding you when it’s time for an essence! 

For further information please refer to our How to Use Essences Page…

  • for directions on how to use essences.
  • how to prepare your dosage essences from stock before using.
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