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The Spiritual Nature of Illness©

Have you ever wondered why we become ill,

what causes illness to occur,

where illness comes from,

and how we heal? 

Have you pondered the answers to these questions? 

Listen to a SAMPLE of our webinar explore these questions and possible answers with us in our 'The Spiritual Nature of Illness© ".  

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“Thank you so much, the teleconference was great.” – K.S.

“Thank you for being there!  It was absolutely wonderful.  I always learn something new.  Keep it up.  Great work.”  - A.R.

 “It is me who has something to say thank you for!  No words can express the gratitude for your generosity and dedication.  Keep it up.” – A.T.

 “Thanks so much for the teleconference – I found it really informative and inspiring.”  - D.J.

 “I loved the teleconference and hope that you do many more.  I think this is a valuable way for us to learn about the Essences and for you to train us.  I can’t wait for the next one.”  - D.P. 

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