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Flower Essences Questionnaire for Pets & Animals

~ designed by Lila Devi, Founder/Director of the Spirit-in-Nature Flower Essences

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This questionnaire is an educational tool for you, a caring pet or animal owner, to help broaden your perspective and invite you into the world of the animals you love. Its intention is to help you assess their flower essence needs. Because animals live in their feelings and instincts, they are highly receptive to flower essences-herbal tinctures for strength and balance.

While an evaluation of this nature is somewhat general by definition, many people find it a helpful tool in assessing the needs of their animal friends. (Consultations are also available; please call or see our website.) Some of the questions are species-specific, such as litter box problems, while others are more general, as with loneliness. The emotional state of fear, for example, is the same for a horse as for a hamster, so species specifics are often irrelevant. In addition to the questions below, it is important to consider other factors, such as: the influence of other pets, adults, and children in the household/property; owner-caused problems; diet, exercise, and various health-related factors; and most importantly, the presence of a loving, committed caregiver for the animal. Lastly, always rule out medical causes with proper veterinary care.

Answer the following questions fairly quickly; your “first hunch” will generally be the most accurate. Place a check mark by those statements (in groupings of 3 to 9 questions) to which you respond with yes; leave blank those statements you feel do not apply to your pet or are not a particular area of concern at this time. Also check yes if any part of the question applies. An Answer Key will be found at the end of the questionnaire.

Also, please note that flower essences will not control or manipulate your pet’s behavior. If you are wanting her to be more graceful, for example, a flower essence program will bring forth this quality only if it is in her nature to be so. Nor do flower essences directly treat physical symptoms; thus the following questionnaire addresses the animal’s emotional needs.

You may wish to date and save your responses and re-test your pet at a later time; monthly intervals are recommended. We welcome your feedback on the overall helpfulness of this questionnaire.

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