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15 ml stock essence 

Fig (Ficus carica) 

Flexibility and self-acceptance. For the ability to relax, no matter how heavy your responsibilities. To soften too strict a sense of discipline, toward oneself and others. For those too hard on themselves, with unrealistic expectations and difficulty with change. Brings a sense of humour, fluidity, self-liberation, and the ability to go with the flow and be at ease with people. 

(Written by founder Lila Devi and used with permission from ‘The Practitioner's Encyclopedia of Flower Essences’.)


I am relaxed and peaceful: I am one with all that is!


This essence is made from the vibrational frequencies of the Fig (Ficus Carica) flower, brandy (40%/volume alcohol), and water.


Generally speaking, take 2 to 4 drops stock essence, 4 times a day directly under the tongue or added to juice, tea, or other beverage and taken on an empty stomach, 10 minutes before a meal or 1 hour after.

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    Fig Flower Essence… for Self-Acceptance


    “I’ve seen Fig help my clients who have Candida and strict diets. It loosens up the energy around their ailments and helps them work with their restrictions without such grim determination.”  ~ NB, Nevada City, CA

    “I put a few drops of Fig in my client’s massage oil for tight shoulders. At first she thought she didn’t need it till reading about the emotional qualities of Fig. She commented later that she felt herself more relaxed in her dealings with people and that she was really helped by just those few drops in one application.” ~ CS, Menlo Park, CA

    “I had been very tense when I took Fig. It made me very tired because I finally relaxed.” ~ SR, Vienna, Austria

    “I took Fig for difficulty in making a decision. Shortly after, the issue seemed to dissolve. Clarity replaced it and a feeling of internal rightness.” ~ SL, Camptonville, CA

    “I never talk about how I really feel. After taking Fig, I was able to tell my boyfriend how sad I was that he didn’t want to marry me. He was surprised and open. He really listened to me.” ~ NU, Eltangen, Germany

    More in-depth information about this essence may be found in ‘The Essential Flower Essence Handbookby Lila Devi.

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