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Flower Essences for Animals: Remedies for Helping The Pets You Love

by Lila Devi

272 pages, softcover, ISBN: 978-1-56589-100-5

(also available in Japanese)

Flower Essences for Animals presents a bird’s eye view into the animal kingdom. It pays homage at the feet, paws, and hooves of our animal friends by offering a treasury of practical tools for enhancing the quality of their lives. Addressing specific conditions and behaviours, this book provides simple solutions for administering the best possible holistic pet health care in both daily life and emergency situations, oftentimes immediately.

That pets are routinely relinquished and often euthanized, if not misunderstood — for completely correctable behavioural problems — indicates a serious need for a book of this nature. For the dog who barks incessantly; for the cat who soils and sprays; for the pet tortoise who is confused by a weather shift while preparing for hibernation: Flower Essences for Animals presents loving, sensitive pet health care solutions.

Animals — free from mental blocks, doubt, skepticism, placebo effects, and myriad mental interferences — respond even more readily than people to flower essences: holistic herbal tinctures for strength and balance. Spirit-in-Nature Essences is the oldest essence line in the USA and one of the oldest in the world. Developed in 1977 by the author, they are a completely safe, nontoxic, and gentle yet powerful therapy for holistic pet health care.

In the concluding chapter of Flower Essences for Animals, Lila Devi writes: “Those who share with me their flower essence stories about their pets do so with animation, excitement, and enthusiasm. It is never ‘just a cat’ or ‘only a dog’ whose story they are recounting. It is a beloved, respected life companion. Flower Essences for Animals is not a book to convince you that animals deserve better health care. Its purpose is to give you, a loving pet owner, the very tools with which to do it.” Lila’s compassionate glimpse into the animal kingdom is a reminder that pets can bring us many years of happiness; and that we, through our loving service, can return the favour.

Try the simple suggestions in these pages — and watch your pet respond!


  • A new definition of pets and pet owners.
  • Theme essences: An insightful way to understand your animal friends, and yourself as a pet owner, in terms of personality strengths.
  • Plot essences: For addressing the many behaviours and situations that arise for animals and their caregivers.
  • Handy reference charts for pets and the people who love them.


  1. The Animal Kingdom: A Thinking, Feeling, Conscious Domain
  2. Flower Essences and How They Work
  3. How to Communicate with Animals
  4. Behavioural Problems in Pet Owners
  5. The Theme Essence for Strength and Balance
  6. The Plot Essence for Problems and Correctives
  7. When a Pet Dies
  8. The Animals’ Gift to Us

Spirit-in-Nature Essences is a member of the National Anti-Vivisection Society and is listed in their 2007 catalogue.

EXCERPT FROM Flower Essences for Animals

“It is quite common for panic. . .to accompany a livestock ranch’s yearly roundup. Amidst a climate of general chaos and disorientation, the calves are separated from their mothers for the routine cattle branding, dehorning, and castration. Last spring, a woman visiting the ranch during roundup time ‘just happened’ to be carrying a bottle of the Pear flower essence in her pocket. She poured the remedy into the calves’ watering troughs. Within one hour — longer than usual for results, since not all the calves drank immediately — she observed that they had all settled down. Her comments: ‘This is completely unusual; I have never witnessed this calming before.’ Normally, the calves would remain restless and inconsolable until the procedure was completed.”


Lila Devi has lived in California’s Sierra Nevada foothills for over 30 years amidst cats, goats, and deer — and an occasional bear, rattlesnake, and mountain lion. Founder and director of Spirit-in-Nature Essences, she has lectured extensively both nationally and abroad. Lila received her B.A. degree in English and psychology along with a secondary education teaching certificate from the University of Michigan.


Wonderful Guiding Wisdom for Our Pets

I had found flower essences to be an extremely useful method for myself and other humans to heal some of worries and fears of everyday life, so I turned to Ms. Devi’s book with great anticipation for how I might also improve my relationship with my pets ( 1 dog, 4 cats) and how the flower essences might improve their relationships with each other and feel better about themselves. Ms. Devi gives much guiding wisdom for better understanding the living situation from the pet’s perspective, and how the flower essences can most help each pet according to their individual personalities and needs. I have seen my relationship with my pets grow even more meaningful and can attest to the fact that if you attend to their emotional needs, in addition to their physical needs, you will be rewarded with the tremendous well of unconditional love which our pets have available for us. I especially like the index of personality traits and symptoms at the end of the book – very helpful for those “quick-need” situations.

~ Patricia Ruta (Tustin, MI)

All pet owners should read this book.

This is a very well written book that could be life-changing for many pet owners. It is a good read, with story after story of owner/pet problems, and their solutions via flower essences and loving observation. I have tried flower essences myself, and found them to work, but had always wondered how much the “placebo effect” came into play in the results. This book gives the answer to that question; because in animals, the mind doesn’t come between the essence and the problem, and one can see clearly their effectiveness. There is also a well-organized section where one can trouble-shoot a problem quickly without reading through the main text. There is no other book like this.

~ Ken Atwell (Santa Rosa, Ca.)

A must read for any pet owner!

Ms. Devi’s book provides an excellent explanation of the many different aspects of our relationships with our pets. Since our pets are a reflection of their environment, Ms. Devi helps the reader understand the role the owner has on the pet’s behavior and provides ways in which to improve the owner’s behavior and the pet’s behavior. Her writing is very warm and friendly much like talking with a very close friend. I would highly recommend this book.

~ Kim Cross “KC” (Detroit, MI)

A must have book for pet owners!

This book is a must have! I learned more about my cats in Lila’s book than I did in all my years living with them. Her approach to explaining remedies that will help our pets is done in such a loving manner. Even if you don’t have a pet now, this book will guide you in being a responsible pet owner when you do adopt a pet. I have found her remedies and flower/fruit essences to be very helpful in managing the health of my cats. The advice works!!

~ Kate O’Rielly (Lake Oswego, Oregon USA)

Amazing animal reference

This book is for any loving pet owner. Whether it be cats or dogs you favor, this book will come as an amazing resource for anyone looking to help or better understand our four-legged friends. Ms. Devi offers a very thorough explanation of animal behavior and their reactions to the flower essences. She also does a surprisingly understandable walk-through of the flower essences. Definitely a five-star (*****) book.

~ NDave456 (Scottsdale, AZ USa)

Provides remedies for helping pets

Flower remedies for humans have been covered, but Flower Essences For Animals is the first tailored to animals which provides remedies for helping pets. From using essences to understand animal behaviours to learning how different essences benefit different animals, Flower Essences for Animals provides an intriguing survey.

~ Midwest Book Review (Oregon, WI USA)

Flower Essences for Animals

Lila Devi loves animals! And they love her. Especially kitties!

~ Customer

The Essential Flower Essence Handbook with a chapter on natural pet care by Spirit-in-Nature Essences founder/director Lila Devi.

The secret healing power of flowers as never before chronicled. Lila Devi weaves an entertaining and practical overview ideal for seasoned natural health practitioners and those just learning about flower essences.

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