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30 ml essence SPRAY for People

Sprays are a wonderful way to mist your aura and energy fields with an essence.  Grape Flower Essence Spray is all about Love and Devotion...

(retrieved with permission from Spirit-in-Nature website - Grape Spay) 

How dry life is without love! Who doesn’t want more of it in their life? Grape Spray, prepared from the tiny flowering grape buds, reminds us that in giving love to others and to ourselves, we receive it. Why wait for love to come to you? As the grape vine entwines itself wherever it grows, this “bottled reminder” of Grape Essence can help you to give love freely. To love spontaneously, to love selflessly: try a spritz of Grape. This “heart-softening essence” is also for awakening a love of noble principles and spiritual goals.

Numerous are the applications for this flower essence: 

  • loving without condition, demand, or expectation
  • seeking a partner
  • exploring outlets for developing intuition
  • for parenting
  • for loss of a loved one through death, divorce, or separation
  • loneliness
  • neediness
  • abandonment and abuse
  • for deepening your spiritual practices; to awaken devotion
  • and for transcendence. 

(Please read The Essential Flower Essence Handbook or our Grape Flower Essence for Adults page for more information.)

How to apply Grape Spray?

Just a spritz in your mouth, on your skin, or in water 4 times a day. Also spray any room, car interior, bedding, bath water, etc.  

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