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15 ml stock essence 

Grape (Vitis spp.) 

Love and devotion. To awaken the feelings of the heart and to love others spontaneously, whether that love is returned or not. For developing selfless love and all true and noble qualities. Many people, especially in crowded cities, feeling disconnected, alienated and vulnerable, experience the need for this essence through loneliness, isolation, or unfulfilling relationships. For weathering the death of a loved one, divorce, separation, neglect, and abandonment issues. Brings a realization of the source of love within, loving without condition, demand or expectation, patience with others’ shortcomings. 

(Written by founder Lila Devi and used with permission from ‘The Practitioner's Encyclopedia of Flower Essences’.) 


By loving all, I become whole. I need nothing, for I am ever one with Spirit!


This essence is made from the vibrational frequencies of the Grape (Vitis Vinifera) flower, brandy (40%/volume alcohol), and water.


Generally speaking, take 2 to 4 drops stock essence, 4 times a day directly under the tongue or added to juice, tea, or other beverage and taken on an empty stomach, 10 minutes before a meal or 1 hour after.

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    Grape Flower Essence…for Love


    “I was already drinking grape juice like crazy, so I decided to take the essence. I immediately felt calm and loving, sort of an inner smile. It seemed on Grape that people just wanted my energy. The eighteen-year-old daughter of a friend asked me to hug her, and a whole family in a restaurant came up and started talking to me in detail! I was on vacation and it was a calm and loving trip for both my husband and me.” ~ JS, Plano, TX

    “I was lonely, overwhelmed, severely stressed as a single mother and burnt out. Plus, I had this ugly boil on my face and was very self-conscious that brought up a lot of body-image issues. I woke up the next two mornings after taking Grape feeling a definite change for the better. I had been so unhappy before!” ~ MH, North San Juan, CA

    “Grape helped me with the emotional issues around PMS. I used to chew out my family and have suicidal thoughts. Now I only have two rough hours instead of two weeks to deal with each month.” ~ SVC, Nevada City, CA

    “This one (Grape) helped me to know who I was. I’ve had to deal with the reality of not being close to my husband. On Grape, I felt light and was hugging myself.” ~ UK, Salt Lake City, UT

    “Grape helped me within one week. I started writing poetry. I’ve never been able to do that before! It felt like it opened my heart. I’d be driving around and verses would come to me, first in the form of prose, so I started writing them down. When I went off Grape, the poetry stopped- so I’m thinking of taking it again.” ~ BM, Dallas, TX

    “I’d been wanting a relationship for some time. I met a woman and had a lovely romance the night I started Grape. That doesn’t happen to me often!” ~ RR, Pahoa, HI 

    More in-depth information about this essence may be found in ‘The Essential Flower Essence Handbook’ by Lila Devi. 

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