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Strawberry (Fragaria) 

Dignity. For centering and grounding and the ability to draw respect from others. For a sense of poise and inner beauty. For those who are guilt-ridden, regretful, self-blaming, undeserving, or unsure of themselves. They may have a history of emotionally abusive parents, Also, for psychic over-sensitivity and for healers who tend to absorb the problems of their clients. Brings strength, stateliness, and self-worth. Allows us to leave a dysfunctional childhood in the past. 

(Written by founder Lila Devi and used with permission from ‘The Practitioner's Encyclopedia of Flower Essences’.)


I am strong in myself, for I am one with what IS!


This essence is made from the vibrational frequencies of the Strawberry (Fragaria Chiloensis) flower, brandy (40%/volume alcohol), and water.


Generally speaking, take 2 to 4 drops stock essence, 4 times a day directly under the tongue or added to juice, tea, or other beverage and taken on an empty stomach, 10 minutes before a meal or 1 hour after.

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    Strawberry Flower Essence…for Dignity


    “Strawberry not only helped me to support myself better but to understand my husband as well. On this essence I was able to know more of what his work means to him, his love for it-I couldn’t before. It also allowed me to tell him that I wanted to move, that we are living in a place that doesn’t work for me.” ~ UK, Plano, TX

    “I wanted to try your essences for my store. I found myself needing to get more grounded. I am very sensitive psychically and am too much out of my body. The Strawberry really got things moving and stabilized me. Results were very noticeable.”  ~ JL, Guerneville, CA

    “I noticed a much more even energy on Strawberry-didn’t get as bothered by things, like the children saying, ‘I hate school and I’ll never go again!'”  ~ AB, Nevada City, CA

    “I felt better, more cantered, more confident. I feel like a different person! Strawberry gave me a different way of looking at myself. Something has changed – including my handwriting! It feels like a light came on that had been turned off for a long time.” ~ VK, Nevada City, CA

    “I felt a difference in the first few days on Strawberry in that my attitude toward myself changed. The mental tapes I had been running were replaced by new, more uplifting ones. I could feel that at a deep subtle level, I was different. There were no other external changes to which I could attribute these results. Inwardly I had been trying for a long time without success.” ~ JC, Sacramento, CA 

    More in-depth information about this essence may be found in ‘The Essential Flower Essence Handbookby Lila Devi.  

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