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The Essential Flower Essence Handbook: For Perfect Well-Being

~ by Lila Devi, Founder/Director of the Spirit-in-Nature Essences

Trade paperback, 347 pages, ISBN: 978-56589-081-7

Newly revised edition (also in Italian, Japanese, Czech, Romanian, and English in India)

The Essential Flower Essence Handbook, an in-depth look into the consciousness of flowers, the origins of the Spirit-in-Nature Essences, how flower essences work, a chapter dedicated to each of the twenty Spirit-in-Nature Essences, essences and children, essences and pets…and much more.

The secret healing power of flowers as never before chronicled. Lila Devi weaves an entertaining and practical overview ideal for seasoned natural health practitioners and those just learning about flower essences

About the Book

Flower essences work by stimulating our positive qualities. Learn about the oldest essence line outside the U.K., established in 1977 and based on decades of research and case histories, plus the initial interpretations of the world-renowned master teacher, Paramhansa Yogananda. In The Essential Flower Essence Handbook, founder Lila Devi brings these essences to life. An intriguing healing art, Lila takes you on a journey into the heart of the Nature kingdom, revealing its secrets through clear insights and flowery wisdom.

  • In depth compilation of the Spirit-in-Nature (formerly Master’s Flower) Essences
  • Charts, illustrations and practical text
  • Easy-to-use cross-reference index
  • Positive character strengths of each theme
  • Essence enhancers, visualizations and affirmations 


Part I

  1. The Consciousness of Flowers
  2. The Evolution of the Flower Essences
  3. Seers, Sages and Herbalists
  4. The Origin of Spirit-in-Nature Essences – Charts: The Twenty Essences
  5. The Essence Experiment: A Biofeedback Brainstorm - Chart: Essence Study Diagrams
  6. How Flower Essences Work – Chart: The Essences Spectrum Chart
  7. To Everything There Is a Season: The Spectrum
  8. Theme and Plot Essences
  9. The Door Ajar: How to Use the Essence Chapters


Part II

  1. Lettuce: “The Unruffler”
  2. Coconut: “The Uplifter”
  3. Cherry: “The Good Cheer Messenger”
  4. Spinach: “The Uncomplicator”
  5. Peach: “The Selfless Mother”
  6. Corn: “The Energizer”
  7. Tomato: “The Purposeful Warrior”
  8. Pineapple: “The Confident One”
  9. Banana: “The Humble Servant”
  10. Fig: “The Non-Disciplinarian”
  11. Almond: “The Self-container”
  12. Pear: “The Peacemaker”
  13. Avocado: “The Mindful One”
  14. Apple: “The Clear Mental Skies”
  15. Orange: “The Smile Millionaire”
  16. Blackberry: “The All-Purpose Purifier”
  17. Date: “The Conscious Cookie Jar”
  18. Strawberry: “The Noble One”
  19. Raspberry: “The Healer’s Healer”
  20. Grape: “The Rewarder” 

Part III

  1. Making Them, Taking Them
  2. Symptom and Core Approaches: A Few Case Studies
  3. Shadows on the Screen: Menopause and Co-dependency
  4. The Joyful Art of Consultation – Charts: Consultation Forms and Response Sheets
  5. Little Blossoms: Our Children
  6. Four-Footed Friends and Other Critters: Pets and Animals
  7. Finding the Essence of Life
  8. Recipes Just for Fun


Quality: Cheerfulness

Message of Self-Mastery: Light-hearted; hope; inspiration to others; seeing the good in everything; optimistic; positive; the ability to make light of difficulties; genuine, soul-stirring laughter; even-mindedness

Pattern of Disharmony: Moodiness; grumpiness; fault-finding; “waking up on the wrong side of the bed”; contrariness; ornery; feeling mildly to moderately emotionally out of control; moods of known and unknown origin; for the need to “snap out of it.”


Lila Devi, the founder and director of Spirit-in-Nature Essences, is considered one of the foremost experts in flower essences in the world today. She lectures extensively both nationally and abroad. Lila received her Bachelor of Arts degree in English and psychology along with a secondary education teaching certificate from the University of Michigan. Lila lives in California’s Sierra Nevada foothills. 


Thank you for The Handbook

“Thank you for The Handbook. You’re able to translate this whole realm of energy and put words to it. As a practitioner, I’m always trying to help people understand these concepts; this book really captures them!”

~ Fran Fayden, Center for Intuitive Healing, Concord, CA

Gently, Profound Wisdom for Healing the Personality
This is an excellent book for guiding oneself in healing self-limiting aspects of one’s personality. I have found remarkable success in following the principles and essences outlined by Ms. Devi in moving beyond some negative thinking patterns. With a focus on the positive prototype of one’s potential personality or being, rather than a focus on “what is wrong or not good enough”, I begin to see immediate success and reassurance that I can free myself to become more of who I know deep within myself I am. I can stand back (with Banana) and see my traditional patterns of reaction and thought to situations, (with Avocado) find new thoughts and possibilities, and (with Tomato) feel more capable of changing old patterns for new ways of thinking and feeling. This is such a gentle, yet highly effective methodology. I have seen several of my friends respond as immediately as I did to the higher qualities of the flower essences which Ms. Devi outlines in her book. Bravo!

~ Patricia Ruta (Tustin, MI)

A must for flower lovers!
We all enjoy the smell of a cherry blossom in Spring. In this book you will learn that cherry is ‘the good cheer messenger.’ That makes a lot of sense and so does Ms. Devi’s explanation of 20 flower essences called the Spirit-in-Nature Essences. This comprehensive book on the aspects of these 20 flowers is easy to read, easy to understand, and will certainly change your perspective about the flowers that until now may have only delighted your senses. I discovered that flower essences also have healing qualities that can make life so much easier. I recommend that you purchase this book before the flowers start blooming in your area. It will make the spring and summertime experience with the flowers so much more enjoyable.

~ Kate O’Rielly (Lake Oswego, Oregon USA)

A Fine Book on an Interesting Subject
Lila Devi’s writing style is lucid and pleasant to read. It is clear that she knows what she’s talking about, and is the expert on the subject. I recommend this book to everyone who is interested in Paramahansa Yogananda’s take on flower essences.

~ Richard Salva (San Jose, CA USA)

Fascinating and delightful!
I was immediately drawn to reading this wonderful book from the start. The first line of Lila’s introduction reads:’ This is a book about becoming the master of your own life’. How? In addition to healthy living, by keeping ourselves in a state of psycho-emotional balance through the use of flower essences. A few years ago, I had the pleasure of attending one of Lila’s weekend workshops on Spirit-in-Nature Essences. I came away feeling emotionally and spiritually uplifted as well as being energised. Lila brings her wisdom and practical experiences of these flower essences, along with her own beautifully composed music for each flower essence, which she plays and sings joyfully! Spirit-in-Nature Essences are practical for use in everyday situations. Both my wife and I have used them with positive results, helping us to live more in the expression of our highest potential. I enjoyed reading Lila’s delightful and fascinating stories, illustrating the positive and practical benefits of using Spirit-in-Nature Essences. This book is easy to read, very clear, informative and a joy to read! I would recommend all therapists, councillors and those who seek to master their own life to read this book.

~ Stephen Sturgess (London, ENGLAND)

A Delightful Discovery
This is an amazing book, both for the information and the writing style. It opens such new ways of thinking about flowers — at least to many of us in the western world who never would have guessed they’re not just pretty but also healthful and transforming. The information it conveys could have been rather pedantic but instead it comes across in a most delightful way, full of personal examples and insights. I felt as if Lila Devi were chatting with me at the kitchen table.
I became convinced the author was “on to something” with essences when I discovered their helpfulness for animals (she has another book on using essences with pets that I read before this general handbook). Two of the essences made a huge difference in getting my furry little car-hating critter calmed down so he could go several thousand miles with none of his usual yowling.

The book has become one of my favourite gift items, especially for folks who like to look at the larger picture of our life’s search for fulfillment and transcendence, to which the author links what she says about flower essences.

~ J. L. Reese

Well written, extremely informative and very helpful.
Lila Devi’s The Essential Flower Essence Handbook is a clear, to-the-point, self-help book. In my case, it delivered what it promised – simple, safe remedies that made me feel better right away. It is obvious Devi understands the sensitive body-mind nexus and how truly deep healing isn’t possible without the cooperation of both. That the first flower essence remedy I tried worked so effectively still surprises me. I’ve never experienced anything like it before in either traditional or alternative medicine. I’m grateful this book crossed my path.

~ From One of Our Readers

The best essence book I’ve read!
I’ve dabbled with several types of flower essences but none have worked for me like these. Lila Devi developed her essences based on the ancient teachings of yoga about foods and the spiritual qualities they enhance. These essences change your consciousness and in my experience the results are immediate. I’ve had great success with orange for depression, and date for opening my heart. A friend of mine had immediate success with avocado to correct his sense of spaciness and lack of focus. Lila Devi’s writing style is clear, readable and filled with people’s own stories which illustrate the qualities of the essences. Her book is a complete guide which teaches you how to evaluate yourself or others for essence use and also how to make them yourself. She also sells the essences if you’d rather use those. I used to work in a natural foods store in the supplements section. When people asked for recommendations around an emotional issue, I usually suggested flower essences and the essences that seemed to work the best for people were these.

~ From One of Our Readers

The best practical- DIY health guide
The first time I came across the flower essences was when I was very depressed after my mum died 3 years ago. Then my husband gave me a few drops of one of Lila’s essences which helped me to put my thoughts together and to accept death as a part of life. Of course, only once wasn’t enough to overcome completely the emotional stress but every time when I was taking grape or pear or orange, they were doing miracles. Since then I decided to read the philosophy behind the flower essences and discovered a new and beautiful world of all-natural health – almost DIY health. The way Lila Devi presents each of her flower essences is so personal and real that I feel like saying “Good morning Mrs. Pear, I am Rada and I really need you today.”  Very comprehensive, very well explained and I found lots of wisdom not only on health, but on life itself. I am very thankful for this book

~ From One of Our Readers

A lovely explanation of flower essence therapy.
Lila Devi provides a clear account of the medicinal powers of flower essences. The refinement of taste that can differentiate between the benefits an almond breakfast and one of pineapples is one that takes years of careful eating, but apparently is worth the caring effort. This book requires not only thoughtful reading, but even more fastidious living. It’s easy to recommend such purity.

~  From One of Our Readers


Flower Essences for Animals - Remedies for Helping the Pets You Love by Lila Devi

This book presents a bird’s eye view into the animal kingdom. It pays homage at the feet, paws, and hooves of our animal friends by offering a treasury of practical tools for enhancing the quality of their lives. Addressing specific conditions and behaviours, this book provides simple solutions for administering the best possible pet care in both daily life and emergency situations


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