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15 ml essence SPRAY for Pets 

Sprays are a wonderful way to mist your pets aura or energy fields with an essence.  Tomato Flower Essence Spray is all about Mental Strength and Endurance...

(retrieved and paraphrased with permission from Spirit-in-Nature website - Pear Spay for Pets) 

Tomato Spray prepared from the blossoms of the tomato plant, is now available in a handy 1/2-oz. (15 ml.) spray bottle for your pet.

One of “The Big Three” along with Pear and Grape, Tomato Spray is excellent for restoring peace and helping your pet to adapt better to the daily rhythms of domesticated life as well as for emergencies.

Here are just a few situations/behaviours in which Tomato Spray is recommended:

  • strength
  • endurance
  • for any fear-based behavior, including barking and attacking
  • skittishness
  • for terrifying experiences
  • fear of sudden or loud noises such as thunderstorms, cars, or vacuums.

(You can read more about its applications in Flower Essences for Animals or on our Tomato Essences for Pets page.) 

How to apply?

Just a spritz on the fur, feathers, or scales, 4 times a day, in the water bowl or trough or a combination of these methods. (Please note: there is no need to force your pet’s mouth open, since topical applications are just as effective.)

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