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Bram Zaalberg Bloesem RemediesBram Zaalberg, the creator of the Bloesem Remedies Nederland, is an extremely intuitive and sensitive flower essence practitioner, teacher, producer and distributor. An holistic practitioner himself, Bram began working with flower essences in his practice in 1978. Using essences touched him in such a way that it became a passion; a ‘call from the soul’. Bram writes about essences,

"As soon as we start on working with flower essences, we are starting to change ourselves; this results in a change of the outer world. Changing yourself is changing the world, is changing our children, is changing our relationships, is changing our government, is changing nature."

In 1986, Bram became involved with the development of flower essences himself. During his early years of creating his essences, he used the essences only in his own practice and for personal use. However, because of the growing demand, Bloesem started to distribute them to a larger public in 1990.

Bram presents descriptions of the individual and special Bloesem Flower Essences in his booklet, Flower Essences: A Gift of Nature and brochures - Flower Essences for the New Times and  Soul Essences: Flower Essences of the Netherlands. An interview with Bram in May 2014, produced by Healing Sound Movement Television, can be found in Dutch on YouTube

If you read the interesting interview in an English translation of the transcript of that interview, ‘Kaleidoscope met Bram Zaalberg, with Bram in his garden and then look at the YouTube video it will give you an idea of where and how the Bloesem essences are made.

Other articles written by Bram take an in-depth look at different aspects of how essences work and how they help change our lives.  Check out our Bloesem Resources page:

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Bloesem Remedies Nederland

Bloesem Remedies NederlandBloesem Remedies Nederland is a company in the Netherlands led by Miep and Bram Zaalberg. Their main goal, of producing and distributing of high quality wildcrafted and organic flower essences began in 1986 and went public in 1990.

Since 1992, Bloesem has had their own workshop centre and a garden in which they try, as much as possible, to cooperate with the Devas (the essential energies of the plant). Bloesem also provides information and workshops about healing and flower essences for health professionals and the public at their ecological facility in the Netherlands.

Bloesem enjoys the recognition of the Dutch Federation of Healthcare.

Bloesem Remedies Nederland

These powerful and dynamic essences are prepared live, whenever possible, using vibrant organic flowers, certified-organic brandy and pure spring water… 

The Bloesem essences have a great purity, which makes the essences very powerful in their effect. The means of preserving the essences is also kept as pure as possible, using high quality organic brandy. When Bram makes his flower essences, he works with Nature as a living being. He tries to work with Nature and natural energies, working with his heart and with as much respect as possible.

Bram considers the process of making a flower essence is a living process, with the meeting with the plant the moment of conception. After this, a period of examination and investigation follows. These are the first steps in a relationship which is also an inner personal process for the person who met the flower and it can sometimes take years before the being or a part of the being of the plant is understood. Only then is it possible for them to make a good essence. You can compare this with human relationship, first you have the moment of encounter and then a period of time in which you can reach a deeper level of communication.

Bloesem Remedies NederlandThe actual preparation of the essence is performed in a meditative state, with an inner listening to the plant and the environment. When the right moment is found, with the plant or flowers also indicating that the time has come, the flowers are picked and placed in a bowl with spring water, or, where possible, not picking the flowers, but bending them over into the water. The bowl containing the flowers is then left there in the sunshine or under the moon for several hours. After this period in the light of the sun on the moon, the flowers are taken out of the water. This water now contains the life-force or Deva of the plant. The quality of the essence depends on the actual time the flowers have been taken out of the bowl and the moment the water comes together with the preserving agent, organic brandy. This is when the remedy is born.

This energized water and brandy mixture is called the ‘mother essence’. To create the 10 ml ‘stock bottle’s that are sold to the public, the essence is then diluted following a specific formula. This needs to be done lovingly and with care and can only be done by a person, never by a machine, as this tends to change the dynamic frequencies of the essence. Stock essences are usually then diluted again before being taken by putting a few drops of the stock into spring water and organic brandy to create a ‘dosage bottle’. Then, the practical testing of the essence begins in several ways: taking the essence themselves and distributing them to the people who attend their classes and collecting therapist case studies.

Bloesem Remedies Nederland
We first met Bram and Miep at Findhorn in Scotland when we were attending an International Flower Essence Conference there in 1997. We exchanged essences at that time and have been distributing each other’s essences ever since.

(Some of the information above is paraphrased, with permission, from Bram Zaalberg’s booklet about the Bloesem Remedies, Flower Essences: A Gift of Nature.)

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