The Living Light Essences

Gem, flower & colour essences have been used for centuries as powerful tools for self-healing and transformation, bringing positive changes to the emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of the individuals who use them.

Atomic Structure of GarnetThe Living Light Essences, which were created by Rachel Finney and Jeff Binder in 1996, are a series of gem-based essences of the Seven Rays.   Gemstones provided the most perfectly balanced physical base for anchoring these essences as their atomic structure provides both strength and balance.  Gems are encoded with the wisdom achieved at a planetary level, Gaia, which has been transferred to them.

So, just what are these Seven Rays?  The Seven Rays are esoteric in nature, but their history can be traced back in many ancient traditions, including:

  • the Vishnu Puranas of India (important Hindu, Jain and Buddhist religious texts, notably consisting of narratives of the history of the universe from creation to destruction…and descriptions of Hindu cosmology, philosophy, and geography),
  • Egyptian mythology,
  • the beliefs of the Incas,
  • the Chinese Yao,
  • Greek mythology,
  • the Chaldeans Oracles,
  • Gnosticism,
  • Mithraism,
  • and even Catholicism (the seven rays emanating from the dove that represents the Holy Spirit, or from the body of Christ).

    Our understanding of the Rays has changed as humanity has changed.

    An interesting history of the Seven Rays can be found in Wikipedia or the Lucius Press, which publishes the works of Alice Bailey.

    The Seven Rays were introduced to the west in the late 1800’s by Madam Blavatsky in her book The Secret Doctrine, and by the Theosophists.  Alice Bailey, perhaps the best-known source on the Rays, claimed to have received her information about the Seven Rays from a Tibetan master, Djwal Khul.  She wrote several esoteric books describing what she called ‘New Age Psychology’, where she states that the Rays “divide everyone in the human race into the seven psychological types” and that, “Each person has a soul ray that remains the same through all their incarnations, and a personality ray that is different for each incarnation.”  (Alice Bailey, The Seven Rays of Life, 1995, New York, Lucis Publishing Co.) 

    Since Alive Bailey’s writings, there have been several interpretations of the Seven Rays, and some people spend a lifetime studying them and their meanings.  The Rays have to do with “…the basic conditions necessary for every type of existence in the cosmos - the life-force, the consciousness, and the form.”  (Mo Hone, The Seven Rays Today, 2006, Brighton, U.K., Pluto Network)   These three –life-force, consciousness and form, form the three main aspects of the ‘Absolute’ (ultimate reality, God, the Source, the Creator…). 

    There are those who believe that understanding one’s personal Rays can lead to a greater understanding of who one is and one’s purpose.

    “According to the ancient Esoteric Philosophy, all of creation comes into being via the interaction of seven great streams of living energy (Rays). These Rays condition all life upon our planet and every human being is subject to their influence. From a spiritual perspective, an understanding of the Seven Rays is crucial, for it is said that every Soul is found upon one of them. To understand your Soul Ray is to discover your essential nature and spiritual purpose in life.” ~

    For more about the Seven Rays please visit our LEARN – Resources page.

    In terms of the Living Light Essences, the essences represent the archetypal and basic principles and qualities put forward according to the Rays.  The essences are meant to assist in bringing forth these qualities from within each of us, qualities that we may have forgotten, suppressed, denied or ignored.   And, in turn, as mentioned above, they may help us discover our essential nature and spiritual purpose in life.  In essence, they help us become more conscious beings.

    According to Ray philosophy, associated with each of the Seven Rays there is a specific colour, gem and archangel:






















    Rose Quartz













    (It should be noted that there is some variance of thought about the colours and attributes of the Seven Rays, so you may see some differences associated with each.)

    Using the same protocols for making flower essences, the Living Light Essences were first created from the vibrational frequencies of each gem or crystal associated with a specific Ray.  After that, an additional process was used in their creation which invoked the principle of 'ask and you will receive'.  This process allows for each essence to be different even though they may be made from the same gem or crystal – a Gem Essence, an Archangel Essence and a Flame EssenceThis can best be illustrated in the chart we created that has a brief description of each essence.  This additional process used in the creation of the Living Light Essences is also what makes them different from a regular gem essence.

    Each essence represents an archetype, principle or quality, like love, wisdom, truth, forgiveness, etc., and taking them assists us in bringing out those qualities in ourselves.  What does that mean?  Each essence helps to make us more ‘conscious’ beings.  

    There are 25 Living Light Essences.  Twenty-one, or three sets of 7 essences, represent the Seven Rays, while the remaining four, the Living Light Special Essences, are not part of the Rays.  A brief explanation of each set follows: 

    The Living Light Gem Essences are the most grounding and practical of all the Essences, helping us recognize and change the way we move forward in our lives or carry out everyday activities.  They deal with things like focusing, expanding our awareness, allowing one’s self to love and be loved, clarifying vision, restoring balance, empowerment and releasing.

    The Living Light Archangel Essences act as a bridge between the physical and the spiritual, assisting us in balancing and integrating specific higher principles and qualities of being into our everyday lives.  They deal with thing like truth, illumination, loving patience, purity, healing, selfless service, and forgiveness.

    The Living Light Divine Flame Essences are among the most uplifting and transformative of the Essences, helping us connect with, understand, and appreciate Love and our innate inner Wisdom and Truth.  They deal with things like will and power, inner wisdom, unconditional love, pure harmony, knowledge, knowing true peace, and freedom and transformation.

    The Living Light Special Essences are among the most inspirational and powerful of the Essences, assisting us in becoming more conscious, and establishing deeper and richer connections with the more spiritual aspects of ourselves.  They have to do with LifeForce – taking in and expressing life more fully; Divine Creation/Metatron – changing thought into form or reprogramming one’s life; Righteousness/Melchizedek – knowing what is ‘right’, ‘gathering the Light’; and Creative Expression/Holy Spirit – getting into the Flow so that you can express your gifts and creativity.

    Interestingly, and quite unbeknownst to us at the time when we were attempting to describe what each essence was for, it turned out that the principles or qualities of each essence on a particular Ray could help move one to another level.

    For example, the essences made from Sapphire,

    …on the Gem Level, has to do with Focusing the Will, so that we can stay centred and maintain our inner discipline.

    …on the Archangel Level, when we can focus our will, we can better know our Truth, and be true to ourselves.

    And, at the Divine Flame Level, when we are True to ourselves, we are more easily able to live according to Divine Willour Higher purpose, centred in our own true power. 

    Circulating Love leads to Loving Patience leads to Unconditional Love, are all made from Rose Quartz

    Releasing leads to Forgiveness leads to Freedom and Transformation, are all made from Amethyst.

    The Living Light Rainbow Essences

    The Living Light Rainbow Essences began to arrive in January 2009.  They are a series of colour and gem, crystal and/or mineral combination essences.   These new essences were created to help individuals with the intense new energies and challenges we have been and are continuing to face at this present time.


    In December 2008, I received an email from Israel, asking me if I could make an amethyst essence to be used in a new line of Amethyst cosmetics.  Making an essence in the middle of a Canadian winter is not the easiest thing to do, but the universe sometimes has its own agenda and timing.  We hadn't had any sun for weeks, and then one Saturday morning there was brilliant sunshine.  The sun shone all day, allowing me to place it out in the snow and sunshine to make the mother tincture, the first of the Rainbow essence series – the Rainbow Amethyst/Awakening.

    The other six essences of this series arrived one after the other a year and a half later.  The ideas for these essences had been brewing for some time, and with help and a push from a friend, Terry Overeem, the final six came into being.  The colours came first and then the gems/crystals that were needed to go with the colour.  It was exciting to 'see' each essence present itself in moving technicolour.  Red and Gold began like solar flares shooting off the sun, which then swirled around seeking and searching, finally coming together as a smooth and quiet gold liquid light.  Almost like an hour glass, but not restricted to it, with the top part full of fire seeking and swirling, and then being transformed as it passed through the narrow part of the hour glass into quiet and calm liquid light - the Contentment and Calm Essence.


    More About the Living Light & Rainbow Essences 

    In music, if you were to take an F tuning fork, strike it and then hold it over the stings of a violin, the F string would begin to vibrate in resonance.  Essences work in a similar manner, except we ingest or hold the energy frequency - the essence, and then that frequency creates a resonance and brings out the qualities associated with it – truth, love, wisdom...

    One can also view the Essences as similar to notes of music, with specific frequencies that resonate within our energy fields to draw out, re-balance, or enhance the same qualities from within us.  Musicians use pitch pipes or tuning forks to help them re-tune instruments that are ‘out of tune’, and so also, we can use the vibrational frequencies of essences to help us heal ‘discordant’ energy patterns in our lives or strengthen and ‘re-tune’ those positive qualities.

    “Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it.
    Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality.
    It can be no other way.
    This is not philosophy.
    This is physics.”
    ~ Albert Einstein
    Masaru Emoto

    As Masaru Emoto showed in his research with water that intent, words, thought, prayer, invocation and music all have an impact upon the structure of water.  As human beings we are really ‘bags of water’ – 70+% water.  If words, thoughts, prayer, music, etc. can have such an impact on water, so can the vibrational frequencies of essences impact us.

    In fact, Dr. Emoto did test out some essences with some interesting results.  To the left is a picture of a water crystal exposed to the vibrational frequencies of an emerald.  His work has also affirmed the principles we use to create the Living Light Essences – “ask and you will receive.”  Words and intent have power, and can alter structure.

    Gerald Pollack of the University of Washington, has found in his research what he has named 'The Fourth Phase of Water'.  Water takes energy from the sun, stores it and when we drink it, powers the cells in our bodies.  Sunlight splits water molecules to create charge, which converts to metabolic energy.  Interestingly, the process of making an essence is to place the gem, flower or other substance into water and potentise it in the sun for a period of time, thereby capturing the energies of that substance in the water...enhancing it and perhaps piggy-backing on to or enhancing what water can do.  It would seem that the water has a power of its own as well. 

    Another tool that helps us see how essences work is Kirlian photography, sometimes referred to as ‘aura’ pictures.  Kirlian photography was accidentally discovered in Russia by Semyon Kirlian in 1939.  His discovery, that if an object on a photographic plate is subjected to a strong electric field, an image is created on the plate. This image is thought to be the ‘aura’, one of the energy fields that surround each of us, flowers, trees, and surprisingly so-called inanimate objects such as stones, gems, crystals and metal objects.

    “In a crystal, we have the clear evidence of the existence of a formative life-principle,
    and though we cannot understand the life of a crystal,
    it is none the less a living being.”
    ~ Nikola Tesla

    Our own research with Kirlian photography has shown that the Living Light Essences change the aura instantly, even though some may feel no significant change at all. The before and after pictures below were taken about 15-20 minutes apart.  The after picture was taken within minutes of taking a Living Light Essence.  It was fascinating watching the essences instantly make changes to a living aura.

    The first aura picture is of a person who had fallen off a ladder and hurt her legs below the knees.  Note the grey in her aura there.  Twenty minutes later she took the Living Light 'True Peace' Essence as she felt this would help.  The grey around the legs disappeared immediately. 

    In the next before and after set, the person had just had some major dental surgery and the aura was somewhat chaotic.  She randomly decided to take the Living Light Rainbow 'Awakening' Essence to see how it would affect her aura.  This is an ‘etheric blueprint’ essence that helps the body remember its true state.  

    About fifteen minutes later she took the Living Light  Rainbow 'A New Awareness of Love' Essence, which is one of our colour/gem combination essences made from the frequency of pink, and rose quartz, quartz and amethystThe aura changed yet again. Notice the pink around the heart area.  Then, after another fifteen minutes she took the Red & Gold combination essence - the Living Light Rainbow 'Contentment and Calm' Essence.  Notice the appearance of red and gold in the aura!

    One of the things about essences is how well they complement other types of therapies and healing methodologies, often deepening or enhancing their effectiveness, and helping the effects of the therapy or methodology ‘hold’; forming a bridge between one session and the next.  They help the individual move forward at a faster pace and deeper level, with fewer ‘reversals’, and with greater awareness and understanding.  

    Like other essences, the Living Light Essences are not always given the credit they deserve for the changes they can bring to one’s life.  Often their effect is very subtle with changes occurring over a period of days.  However, sometimes their results can be quite dramatic, making immediate changes to one’s perspective and life.  As the before and after aura pictures above demonstrate, change IS happening immediately, even without conscious awareness, or whether we believe in them or not.

    If you want to find the secrets of the universe
    think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.
    ~ Nikola Tesla


    In summary, the Living Light Essences have to do with shifting consciousness and bringing out the positive qualities we have within, assisting us in leading more meaningful and happier lives.  They help us become more aware of our journey and who we are.  They have been used by individuals and a variety of practitioners around the world with remarkable success.  We invite you to check out our TESTIMONIALS page to see some of their comments about how the essences have changed or brought more meaning and understanding to a variety of people’s lives.