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Essences of the New Times

Changes in consciousness often go so fast under the influence of the new times that many people don’t experience them as pleasant. Some of the consequences of these changes are: a disturbance of the balance, fatigues, confrontations and the general feeling that you don’t fit in your body properly. To restore the balance again you might wish to try some of the New Times Essences.

The Bloesem  New Times Essences are combination essences using plants and minerals.  They are organic or wildcrafted, and many of the flowers grow in Bloesem's special and extensive garden. In addition, most of the New Times essences were created using a number of crystals or minerals.  One essence is a 'cosmic' essence.

In the creation of the flower essences used to make up these combination essences, where possible, the flowers are bent into the water rather than picked, as is the case with most flower essences, to preserve their living essence.  In this way they respect nature taking care especially of rare flowering plants.  They can thus continue their growing process after the preparation of the essence.  They have discovered that the energy of these essences has a more streaming quality.