Do the essences have a scent? Are they the same as ‘essential oils’ or ‘aromatherapy’?

Essences, and the Living Light Essences, are not the same as ‘essential oils’ or ‘aromatherapy’. They do not have a scent. However, there are some essence producers who do add essential oils to their essences, thereby giving them a scent. This is usually only done with spray essences, which are used externally.

We've included information about the difference between each - essential oils, homeopathy, and essences for your information: 

Essential Oil

  • Distilled from the oils of flowers and plants…
  • Have a scent
  • May be applied to the body using a carrier oil, or diffused to provide a pleasant and/or therapeutic fragrance in a room
  • Are used in Aromatherapy
primavera diffuser

Homeopathic Remedy

  • A system of ‘alternative’ medicine based on the doctrine that ‘like cures like’ and that a substance that causes the symptoms of a disease can cure it
  • Often made from multiple substances
  • Made using a specific process of dilution to create a certain potency
  • Prescribed to treat specific symptoms or conditions
  • Usually taken internally in liquid or pill form

(Vibrational) Essence

  • Made from potentising flowers, gems or other substances in water in the sun, then removing them completely so that all that is left is the vibrational imprint of the flower or gem in the water. Alcohol is added as a preservative.
  • Have no scent
  • May be taken internally, on the body or used as a spray/mist
  • Make no medical or therapeutic claims
What are the Living Light Essences? What do they do?

The Living Light Essences are a series of vibrational crystal and gem-based essences that may be used as tools for healing and transformation by individuals who wish to make changes in their lives, resonating with the higher universal spiritual principles and qualities of life - love, truth, wisdom, joy, compassion, forgiveness, peace….

Through the principles of resonance, the Living Light Essences may be used to strengthen our positive qualities and characteristics, and help us achieve a state of consciousness, health, and well-being that is truly reflective of our own higher nature.

The essences are designed to assist in addressing the root causes of conditions and symptoms – the limiting attitudes and belief systems, the emotional, psychological and spiritual patterns of our past, and the dynamics that perpetuate discord and illness in our lives.

We believe that all forms of illness and dissatisfaction with life ultimately stem from these dysfunctional energy patterns, which do not resonate harmoniously with our innate inner wisdom and truth, and interfere with our harmonious resonance with the world around us.

Each essence is focused around a very specific quality, archetype or principle, and address one key component of a certain condition – physical, emotional, mental or spiritual. The resonating vibrations of the essence assist in transforming such things as unresolved negative feelings, conflicts, memories and beliefs, or deep, restricting genetic patterns that may be holding you back and/or making you ill.

The essences are part of a new model of holistic health that is designed to empower individuals in their journey through life. In this new paradigm of healing where the emphasis is placed upon the choice of the individual, by focusing on what we want most in our lives right now, we automatically begin to move towards greater wholeness.

For more information about our essences please see our About Essences page.

Are they safe?

Essences are very benign and generally* safe to use with children, adults, seniors, animals and plants. We have never had any ‘adverse event’ reports since the essences were first created in 1996. Because they are so benign, Health Canada has classified essences in the ‘Food and Beverages’ category, rather than as a registered ‘natural health product’. However, please note that essences have not been ‘approved’ by Health Canada or the FDA. We request that all visitors to our site please read our full DISCLAIMER on our CLIENT CARE page.

It will not hurt you to take the 'wrong’ essence, too many drops, or the “wrong” combinations. Each Living Light Essences serves to uplift different aspects of the self. Taking the “wrong” essence would simply raise up an aspect of self that is not a top priority for you at this time and you may experience some energetic shifts that might be uncomfortable, just as you would with any other gem, nature or flower essence.

This may be because sometimes, as individuals, we have things going on at an unconscious level that may be brought up by the specific principle or quality of that particular Essence.

*We advise anyone who has been diagnosed mental health concerns or is seriously ill, sensitive to alcohol, or may be allergic to certain plants to consult with their health care practitioner before taking an Essence.

For more information about our essences please see our About Essences page.

Who can take them?

Essences may be taken by just about anyone - children, adults, seniors, animals and plants.

Again, IF SOMEONE HAS MENTAL HEALTH CONCERNS OR IS SERIOUSLY ILL OR TAKING MEDICATION that might be affected by the consumption of alcohol, we would recommend consulting with a health practitioner before taking an essence.

IF YOU ARE SENSITIVE TO ALCOHOL, WE DO NOT RECOMMEND YOU TAKE THE ESSENCES internally, as they have an alcohol base. Brandy (grape alcohol) is used as a preservative. Some people who are sensitive to alcohol may be able to use the Essences topically. Please consult with your health practitioner first. (See below for ways in which essences can be used without consuming them internally.)

IF YOU ARE ALLERGIC TO A PARTICULAR PLANT please do not take the essence of the problematic plant unless you have tested it to make sure that you will not have a reaction.

(Please note: The Living Light and Living Light Rainbow Essences are dosage essences and actually only contain 7% alcohol/brandy per volume.

The Bloesem Essences are stock essences and contain a higher per volume ratio of alcohol, usually 40% per volume. Stock essences are usually diluted in water before use.

Essences are classified in the Food and Beverages category by Health Canada, and are considered ‘benign’.  Please read our full DISCLAIMER before using our essences.

For more information about our essences please see our About Essences page.

Can essences may be given to pets?

Pets do very well with essences.

Place 3-4 drops in a bowl of water next to your pets regular drinking water or place a few drops of the Essence you feel would be helpful to your pet into your palms, rub your palms together, and then wipe the Essence onto your pet’s fur.

Plants may also benefit from essences. Put a few drops into the water you use to water your plants or place a bottle beside a struggling plant.

For more information about how to choose and use essences please see our About Essences page.

For more information about our essences please see our About Essences page.

How can I use the Essences if I am sensitive to alcohol?

If you are sensitive to alcohol you may use the essences diluted in water and spray them about your body, put them in your bath (if it is not too hot), or fold up a tissue/Kleenex and place it on the appropriate spot on your body and then put the appropriate number of drops of Essence onto it. A good place to do this is on the chakras or on acupuncture points. Our energy fields go well beyond the body and the essence will be absorbed energetically.

Please note: an essence may stain your clothes if placed directly onto light-coloured clothing.

For more information about our essences please see our About Essences page.

How do I know which essence to take?

Sorcha Living Light and Bloesem each have a number of resources available to assist you in determining which essence(s) might be best for you:

The Living Light and Living Light Rainbow Essences

Please check out our Living Light Essences Literature & Resources page.

A full-coloured, laminated chart containing key words and a brief description of each Living Light Essences or Living Light Rainbow Essences is available for purchase or as a download. There is also a full-coloured chart in the Living Light Essences brochure and the Rainbow Essences brochure.   These brochures are also available as downloadable PDFs.

The Living Light Essences Guidebook© gives a much more in-depth explanation of each Essence to supplement the chart. This will be available shortly as a download from our website.  Our hard copy is currently unavailable.

An audio course of 8 CD’s provides an extensive analysis of the principles and qualities associated with each essence and the Seven Rays, as well as some valuable insights into vibrational medicine. 

Downloadable audios of two of our webinars – ‘The Essence of Vibrational Medicineand ‘The Spiritual Nature of Illness are available online. We also have SAMPLE downloadable audios as well.

We also teach seminars on how to use the Living Light Essences, to support practitioners or those who would like to gain a more in-depth understanding of the essences.

Bloesem Remedies Nederland - Flower Essences of the Netherlands


Please check out the Bloesem Remedies Nederland Literature & Resources page for:


Brochures for the Bloesem individual flower essences, special essences, combination essences, New Times Essences and Soul Essences in English, French, Portuguese and German

A full-colour booklet - 'Essences: A Gift of Nature', which provides a brief explanation of each individual flower essences and some of the Bloesem Special Essences

Repertory - a downloadable PDF guide to the individual Bloesem Flower Essences, and how they may be used

Articles by Bram Zaalberg regarding the use of his essences

Video & Translation – ‘Kaleidoscope met Bram Zaalberg’  - An interview with Bram Zaalberg at his garden in the Netherlands   (Tue., May 20, 2014 -- Healing Sound Movement Television)


Many people use their own intuition and understanding of themselves to guide them. Some will intuitively know the best essences to take, drawn by the name, gemstone or crystal, colour or key words on the label or packaging.

When in doubt, consult with your Health Practitioner who may also be able to advise you regarding which essences to take, or, give us a call or email us for assistance.

We suggest that when you take an essence you first focus on what you feel, what things are affecting your life the most, patterns of behaviour that are repetitive, or what you would like to invite into your life right now. Check out the chart, Guidebook or information on this site and choose your essences accordingly. Trust your own intuition.

Before taking your essences, sit quietly for a minute or two and notice how you feel and what is happening with your body, emotions and thoughts, then take your essences and do the same again. Notice whether you feel any different. Initially, you may not observe any changes, but after taking the essences for a while you may begin to appreciate what is happening on the subtle levels and in your life.

For more information about our essences please see our About Essences page.

When should I take them, and for how long?

Each essence producer has their own instructions for how to use their essences.  Please check out our 'How to Choose & Use Essences' page.

Essences are typically taken internally. Place a few drops under the tongue or in a glass of water, just as you would a homeopathic remedy or flower essence.

They also work very well rubbed on the skin or sprayed in the air.

As a general rule, for the Living Light Essences, you may take 7 drops of essence three times a day for a period of about one week, taken directly under the tongues or in water, and then re-evaluate your need. Check out dosage instructions for the Bloesem Essences on our 'How to Choose & Use Essences' page

Your health professional may advise you with regards to which essences you should take, for how long, and how many drops you need per dose. This dosage will be specific to your needs and may be quite different from the general recommended dosage of 7 drops three times a day, taken directly under the tongue or in water.

If you have purchased your essences at a store or from a distributor, you may follow the instructions on the bottle. However, the Living Light Essences may really be taken at any time, and there is no set amount or duration for taking them either.

We encourage you to follow your own intuition when deciding how many drops, how frequently you need to take them, and for how long. Use whatever means you have to check out how long would be best for you. There is no set rules for taking the Essences.

You may also relax at the end of the day by adding 10-15 drops of each chosen essence to a warm bath or spray yourself after your shower. Spritz your face and body when you feel stressed or need a quick refresher.

To change the atmosphere in a room, spray it with a few drops of essences mixed with water.

Place 4-5 drops of essences on your hands before a healing, Reiki, Therapeutic Touch, massage or reflexology session, or directly on the body, chakras or acupuncture points.

For more information about our essences please see our About Essences page.

What happens after a week and I no longer need a particular essence?

Re-evaluate how you feel and what you want. It may be time to move on to another essence. Keep the essence in its original bottle for later use. In all likelihood, you will want to use essences again and again, perhaps just for a few days at a time or as the need arises. Remember to store your essences upright, not lying down. Keep them in at room temperature, preferably in a cooler room and not directly in sunlight.

For more information about our essences please see our About Essences page.

Can I take more than one essence at once?

Yes, in fact, many of the essences can be used together to help you achieve your goals. We also use them in sequences, one after the other, like notes of music.

For more information about our essences please see our About Essences page.

Who uses the essences? Can they be combined with other therapies?

Essences are very versatile and have been used to complement, deepen and enhance the effects of many different types of conventional and natural healing modalities. Living Light Essences have been trusted and used by a wide variety of holistic health professionals in over a dozen countries worldwide since 1996.

The essences are used by medical doctors, dentists, doctors of naturopathic medicine, chiropractors, homeopathic doctors, osteopaths, psychotherapists, acupuncturists, osteopaths and herbalists,

…by massage therapists, reflexologists, Reiki practitioners, aromatherapists, craniosacral therapists, kinesiologists, energy healers, and holographic re-patterners,

…by Feng Shui practitioners, farmers and gardeners…to enhance, clear and energize homes, property, businesses and the land,

…and by people who are interested in self-healing, healthcare, and spiritual and personal growth.

Here are some ways essences can complement other healing modalities:

Acupuncturists: A drop of essence may be placed on the skin just before the needle is inserted.

Aromatherapy: Essences work wonderfully with essential oils. They can be mixed with oils or used in sprays to mist the body or a room, or added to a diffuser.

Dentists: Patients may use them to reduce anxiety or fear of being in ‘the dentist’s chair’.

Energy healers or Reiki practitioners: Using them on the chakras or on one’s hands during a session can deepen and speed up the healing process.

Feng shui: Practitioners have used them in sprays to clear the energy of houses or the land.

Homeopathy: Essences also work well with homeopathic remedies, complementing their effects on the emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of healing.

Massage therapists: Mixed with oils used in massage, or simply placed on one’s hands while massaging.

Naturopaths: Clients may use them along with other modalities to speed or deepen healing processes.

Psychotherapists: Clients use them to support and enhance changes for specific issues that may come up or are being worked on…or to help a client achieve their goals more smoothly and effortlessly.

Reflexologists: Essences can be placed on the hands or feet during a reflexology session.

Clearing gems and crystals: The Living Light Seventh Divine Flame Essence / Freedom and Transformation is really good for clearing negative energies from crystals and gems. Just place a few drops in some water and immerse your crystal in it, or put some on your hands and simply hold your it for a few minutes.

Clearing energy or a room: Essences may also be used to restore and clear one’s own energies after a session, especially as a spray/mist. They can also be used in a similar manner to clear a room.

For more information about our essences please see our About Essences page.

Do I have to fully understand or believe in order for the essences to work?

Just as you take medications given to you by your physician, the essences will work whether you understand how they work or believe in them. When you take a Living Light Essence, it will start to bring about natural changes immediately. You do not have to believe in or understand the process.

Will I notice a change?

Each one of us is unique. Some people are very sensitive to changes in their energy field, while others are less so. Be assured that even if you can’t feel anything or don’t believe in essences, change is happening. Some people notice changes instantly, while others barely notice them at all or only after a while. Changes can be very subtle in nature, where you start to notice that you reacted differently in a specific situation, or your thoughts or behaviour are different, or you begin to do things differently. Others may have a dramatic change instantly. Neither is ‘wrong’, we are simply different.

We live in a world that is very ‘busy’ and where we want things to be ‘instant’ without having to do too much. In doing so we sometimes lose touch with ourselves and what is actually happening. To fully appreciate essences, we recommend that you take a minute or two before and after you take the essence(s) to assess how you feel. Sit quietly and ‘notice’ what is going on – how your body feels, what is on your mind, what thoughts or emotions prevail…’notice’. Then, take your essence and ‘notice’ again. If you grab an essence on your way out the door or while you are engaged in some other task, you most probably won’t ‘notice’ the changes that are happening in your energy fields as you take your essence.

The difference may be subtle or extraordinary. Over the next week of two, pay attention to how you feel and react to ordinary things in your life. You may want to keep a journal. Pay special attention to your dreams. Changes will be taking place.

We have actually taken live aura pictures before and after taking essences, so that you can see the instant effects of the essences upon the energy field. It was fascinating to see the changes going on the minute an essence was ingested! The Before and After pictures were taken about 15 minutes apart.

In the first set the person had injured her legs from the knees down falling off a ladder. Notice the grey/no aura around her legs. She felt that taking True Peace/6th Divine Flame was the essence she needed. It instantly changed her aura. 
In this second set of pictures, the first picture was taken after some major dental surgery…chaotic aura! The Awakening Rainbow Essence was taken randomly to see what effect it would have. Again, instant change! Then the Pink/A New Awareness of Love essence was taken. Notice the pink that has suddenly appeared around the heart!  Then again, a little while later the Red & Gold/Contentment & Calm Essence was taken.

For more information about our essences please see our About Essences page.

Will my Essences become stale or lose their energy after a while?

Essences, like other vibrational essences or homeopathic remedies will last energetically intact for years. 

However, their lifespan may be affected if they are not stored upright in a cool cupboard or if the pipette is contaminated.

For more information about our essences please see our About Essences page.

Is there anything I should not do with my Essences?

DO NOT boil, cook or heat your essences. We also recommend that you do not take them mixed in hot beverages such as tea or coffee. However, you can put them in a warm bath and they do just fine.

If you touch or contaminate the glass pipette in the bottle, make sure you clean it off first with some boiling water before replacing it in the bottle. A contaminated pipette may make your essence go ‘off’.

Store your Essences upright at room temperature in a dry place, out of direct sunlight. If you store them lying down, eventually the rubber on your dropper will begin to decay and your essence may taste like rubber.

Keep essences stored away from phones, TV's, electrical cords, electrical clocks or other devices that emit EMF’s.

For more information about our essences please see our About Essences page.

Can I take my Essences with me when I travel?

By all means, take your essences with you. Remember that new AIR travel regulations require you to store your essences in a one-quart zip top bag if you are carrying them on board.

As everything has to go through the X-ray machines these days, your essences will also be subject to this requirement. Strange as it may seem, when you get to your destination, take a moment to sit quietly and simply ask that your essences be returned to their normal vibrational frequencies. It works!

Placing an X-rayed essence next to a similar non-X-rayed essence will also raise its vibrational frequencies back to normal. This is most probably the principle of resonance working again…

Why are there three different series of Living Light Essences that have the same crystal or gem base?

Although you will find that three of each of the Living Light Essences® is made from the same crystal or gem base, there is a difference between each series. For example, each violet-coloured essence is made from amethyst and yet each violet-coloured essence represents a different component of a larger principle. This is because of the additional protocol we used to make the essences – “ask and you will receive”.

The Gem Essences series represent the foundation, the Archangel Essences series the bridge, and the Divine Flame Essences series represent the top level of the Living Light Essences. You will notice a natural progression from Essence to Essence in the same colour suit:

Focusing the Will/ Starry Sapphire --> allows you to know your Truth/ Archangel Michael --> Knowing your Truth opens the space for living within Divine Will/ First Divine Flame

Letting Go/ Holy Amethyst --> opens the door to Forgiveness/ Archangel Zadkiel --> which can lead to Freedom & Transformation/ Seventh Divine Flame

Golden Topaz/Awareness --> Archangel Jophiel/Understanding --> Second Divine Flame/Wisdom


For more information about our essences please see our About Essences page.

Am I best to start with one series?

If you are unsure where to begin, the Gem Essences series is a great place to start. They deal with the everyday, nitty-gritty aspects of life.  The Living Light Gem Essences are the most grounding and practical of all the essences, helping us recognize and change the way we move forward in our lives; how we carry out everyday activities; and how we deal with daily challenges such as staying focused, self-confidence, awareness, maintaining balance, effectively dealing with stress and anxiety and letting go of thing that no longer serve.
Check out our 'How to Choose & Use Essences' page for more information.

What is the significance of using crystals and gemstones?

Since the beginning of recorded history, almost every culture has placed an extraordinary amount of value on precious gems. In ancient eastern medicine gemstones played an important role in the healing process. Crystals and gems were highly respected for their remarkable, even magical powers and properties. Crystals and gems also hold the vibrational frequencies and memories of the earth.

To the left are the nine gemstones used in the Jyotish, the oldest system of astrology in the world.

In addition, gemstones have a unique molecular structure. In gemstones and crystals each atom has a mirror image of itself on the opposite vertex. From an atomic viewpoint they possess a perfect symmetry and balance. The physical image of perfection. 

Below are the atomic structures of emerald, diamond, topaz and amethyst.

In the Living Light Essences, this powerful base assists an individual in better grounding their ideas and themselves.

Are there gems or crystals in the bottles I buy? Isn’t it dangerous to consume gems?

Vibrational essences are made using some of the principles of homeopathy, with a difference. In homeopathy, substances are generally masticated (crushed or ground down) and then diluted to a certain level. In the direct sun method of creating essences, all of the substance that forms the base of that essence (e.g. flower, plant, gem…) is removed and only the vibrational imprint is left in the water. There are no crushed gems or crystals or flowers in the bottle.


Some gems or minerals and plants are toxic. In this case they are made using a slightly different method and are not put directly into the water as with non-toxic substances. Instead, the gem, crystal or plant is places in a small glass container which is then placed in a larger bowl of spring or distilled water so that there is no direct contact with the water.  This is called the ‘indirect method’. Interestingly, the vibrations of the gem, mineral or plant is still infused in the water even though it is not directly placed in it.

In India, gems are still used in Ayurvedic medicine. Crushed gemstones are ingested to assist with healing.

For more information please check our How Essences Are Made page.

How are the essences sold?

The essences are sold as individual bottles, 


as a series,

or as a complete kit/full set of essences.

We recommend that practitioners purchase a full set of the Living Light Essences, as these essences often work in sequences or combinations of essences like notes of music. A full set is needed to work in this manner. We teach about this method in our courses.

Are there minimum order requirements?

We do not have a minimum order requirement for retail purchases. You may order one essence or as many as you like. Some of our distributors do place minimum order requirements on purchases. You will need to check with them for their individual policies.

We do have minimum order requirements for wholesale discounts for practitioners and stores.

Minimum orders:

Living Light or Living Light Rainbow Essences: 

Practitioners – 14 essences/order 

Retail stores – 21 essences/order 

Bloesem Essences 

Practitioners - 7 bottles/order 

Retail Stores - 14 bottles/order 

The Living Light Essences may vary in price from country to country as well. Distributors pay their own shipping and brokerage fees, plus customs duties, which they must recoup when selling their Essences.

Do you offer wholesale discounts for practitioners or an affiliate program?

Yes. To apply for a wholesale discount please complete the wholesale application on our website. We also hope to have an affiliate program running soon for practitioners who wish to recommend essences to their clients, but do not wish to stock essences themselves.

We also offer wholesale discounts to retail stores.

Are you looking for new distributors?

We are always on the lookout for new distributors in different countries. Please contact us if you are interested and there is no distributor in your country already. (See our International Distributors list on our Contacts Tab).

I live in Japan. May I order from Sorcha Living Light in Canada or from one of your distributors?

Unfortunately, Sorcha Living Light cannot sell essences directly to any customers from Japan.

Japan has special import regulations that require the addition of salt to all essences. Because of this, we request that all Japanese customers living in Japan please purchase your Living Light Essences from our Japanese distributor, Heart Support Systems, Inc. Their contact information may be found on our Contact Tab – International Distributors. Thank you! We apologize to our Japanese customers for any inconvenience this may cause.