Bloesem Individual Flower Essences

Listed in alphabetic order below are all of the individual Bloesem flower and mushroom essences created by Bram and Miep Zaalberg in the Netherlands.  When they make flower essences, they work with Nature as a living being.  They also try to work with Nature and natural energies, working with their hearts and with as much respect as possible.  The process of making a flower essence is a living process. 

Where possible, the flowers are bent into the water rather than picked, as is the case with most flower essences, to preserve their living essence.  In this way they respect nature taking care especially of rare flowering plants.  The plants can thus continue their growing process after the preparation of the essence.  They have discovered that the energy of these essences has a more streaming quality.

These essences are organic or wildcrafted, and many of the flowers grow in Bloesem's special and extensive garden.   

Clicking on the individual flower essence bottles will take you to a subpage where you will find a more in-depth description of each essences, and a photograph of its flower or mushroom.