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Rue Flower Essence  (Ruta graveolens)

Spiritual attack. Protection.

Spiritual protection, especially in the psychic realms. When somebody is trying to absorb your energies, by spiritual influence or interference. When you are disconnected with the Higher self and are having lack of energy.

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Rue essence is for spiritual protection, especially for the psychic realms; gives protection and insight when somebody tries to absorb your energies, by spiritual influence or disturbance, especially in the area of the crown chakra and the line of the connection with the higher self. Gives insights into old deep hidden fears. Gives more strength to act out of feeling world. If somebody is too precise, this essence helps them to see things more easily. In this way it also cleanses old physical problems which have been held in the body because the body was unable to do so due to this attitude.


Aura: fills the aura with light.
Awareness: of not yet cleared old physical complaints.
Clearing: when you are too niggling and too precise.
Deal with: old fears from your childhood.
Drain: psychic draining, especially in the connection with the higher self.
Energy: when the energy in the area above your crown is drained.
Fear: fears out of your childhood, for entities.
Feelings: act directly from out of your feelings.
Higher Self: protection of the channel, that builds the connection with the higher self.
Insight: gives insight when someone tries to drain your energy.
Letting go: when you are too niggling, old hurts.
Opposition: by spiritual adversity and draining.
Oversensitive: for psychic and negative influences.
Precise: hold on to old physical problems because of a too precise attitude.
Protection: when psychically drained, or spiritually attacked.
Trauma: because of fears from your childhood and psychic attacks.
Vulnerability: in the channel between your crown and the higher self.


The Rue essence is made from the vibrational frequencies of the Rue (Ruta graveolens) flower, organic brandy and spring water


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