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Smooth Hawksbeard (Crépis capilláris)

Softens. Childhood

Brings balance between action and repose; opens you up to new energy and vitality. Gives suppleness to stiff, rigid structures. To feel at ease with others. Clears emotional issues from your childhood until today, so you can feel the support of family and friends again. Helps in recharging energy and in the giving of Love.

10 ml stock essence

Smooth Hawksbeard Essence helps to bring balance between action and repose; opens you up to new energy and vitality, gives suppleness to stiff, rigid structures, helps you to be at one with yourself, to feel at ease and at home with others, thus helping you to clear up emotional "stuff" related to relationships in the home, from your childhood right up to those of today. Helps in recharging energy and in the giving of Love and warmth. 

Smooth Hawksbeard can also be used topical, rubbing some drops from the stock into the energy points in the small depressions under the little protrusion of the bone on the inside of the ankle, and on the thymus.


Activity: balance between activity and rest.
Childhood: new vitality and energy. ( also by external use)
Closed: not feel at ease with others and be stuck inside yourself.
Drain: of your energy by old emotions.
Emotions: to release old emotions that come from relations, from this time back to your childhood.
Energy: new vitality and energy.
Family: feel at home with your family.
Feel at home: feel at home with others.
Letting go: of emotions that come from old relations.
Oversensitive: for emotions from your childhood.
Relations: clear emotions about relations, from now back to your childhood.
Rest: balance in rest and activity.
Restore: of your energy.
Shyness: feel at home with others.
Structures: flexibility in fixed structures.
Stuck: in structures, gives flexibility and energy.
Support: from old relations from the past.
Trauma: from your childhood as a result of relations from that time.
Trust: feel at home with others.


The Smooth Hawksbeard essence is made from the vibrational frequencies of the Smooth Hawksbeard (Crepis capillaris) flower, organic brandy and spring water. 


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