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Sneezewort  (Achillea ptarmica)

Protection of your path. Decisiveness

Gives protection and direction on your path you are going. Strengthens your decisiveness. Not having the need to ask others for your direction. Bring your pure values to expression. Be open for the help and advice of others, without getting distracted by these advice’s and influences (also the help of spiritual guides).

10 ml stock essence 

Sneezewort essence provides protection on the spiritual path you follow, when you aspire after pure standards and values but have been unable to actualize them. Helps you to stand on your own two feet and to give expression to your own clear thoughts and visions, without having to lean on others. Sneezewort gives self-confidence. Helps to make you aware of what is good and what is not so concerning help from others (e.g. from spiritual guides). 

The essence has given good results in cases with sneezing problems, due to cat and dog dust/hairs. 


Energy: restore energy because you listen to your own inner guidance.
Help: stand on your own feet; because you don't listen to the advice of others , but listen to the inner voice.
Adapt (to): to the advices of others.
Aura: protection of the aura by distinctly going your own way.
Awareness: listen to your own inner voice.
Certainty: in the way you go.
Courage: to go your own way, without the advices of others.
Doing: when you follow the advice of others.
Drain: because you always listen to the advice of others.
Duty: when you always have to listen to the advice of someone else.
Environment: when you get influenced by your environment.
Expression: clearly bring out your own vision and thoughts.
Feelings: listen to your own feelings instead of to the advice of someone else.
Going on: without advice from others, from your own choice.
Guidance: listen to your own inner world instead of to the advice of others and from your guides.
Healing work: listen to yourself for recovery.
Higher Self: listen to your own higher self and not to others.
Individuality: dare to go your own way, without having to ask the other first.
Listen: listen to yourself instead of to the advice of others.
Oversensitive: for the influence of other people and your guides.
Relations: when you listen to the other too much.
Shyness: when you don't have the courage to go your own way.
Spirituality: choose your own way, instead of following the opinion of others.
Stuck: to the influence of your guides.
Support: from your own pure standards and principles.
Trust: in the way you go.
Vulnerability: feel vulnerable in the way that you go.
Protection: on the way you go, let go of the influences of others.


The Sneezewort essence is made from the vibrational frequencies of the Sneezewort (Achillea ptarmica) flower, organic brandy and spring water. 


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