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Snowdrop  (Galanthus nivalis)

Release of tears. Connect the new

Releases deep pain, tears and all trauma, especially when it originates from not being true to yourself. When you have done everything for others and forgot about yourself. Renew the beauty and importance of yourself. Joyful refreshing new energy after the long dark (emotional) winter.

10 ml stock essence 

Snowdrop Essence helps to release deep pain, tears and old traumas that have been stored up for a long time.  Especially when these originate from the handling of your own heart and you did not stand up for yourself and your feelings.  When you have done everything for others and have forgotten yourself.  When you do everything the way others say while you know that it should be done differently.  To recover your own beauty and importance.  To do things you like to do; to feel free.  Brings a stronger trust, deep down in the depths of your being.  Joyful and refreshing after the long and dark emotional winter. 


Abuse: release old tears and anger
Adapt (to): when you have forgotten yourself and your own heart
Anger: because of the pain that is caused to you
Awareness: of traumas, tears and suppressed emotions
Childhood: let go old sorrow i/from your childhood
Cleansing: of old sorrow and trauma
Clearing: of tears and deep trauma
Courage: to keep standing by yourself
Deal with: old traumas
Death: to release sorrow
Depression: because of sorrow you didn’t come to terms with
Duty: pain and sorrow because of what you have to do for another
Emergency: by traumas and sorrow, to get access to new power
Expression: of sorrow and old pain
Happiness: renewal after tears and/or sorrow
Heart: when you have given away your heart to someone else, sorrow
Individuality: stand up for your own heart and space
Letting go: tears, pain and sorrow, relations
Oversensitive: making you do what others say
Renewal: relationships, a refreshing wind of change
Restore: from sorrow of old trauma
Shyness: when you forget yourself
Sorrow: release of old traumas through tears
Soul: for deep agony
Struggle: for the space for your heart
Stuck: in old trauma and sorrow
Surgery: for the recovery after trauma, especially after serious surgery
Trauma: release tears and sorrow
Work: give your heart away, forget yourself and run for another


The Snowdrop essence is made from the vibrational frequencies of the Snowdrop (Galanthus nivalis) flower, organic brandy and spring water.


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