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Trumpet Vine  (Campsis radicans)


Improves and deepens the quality of your communication. Find your way, direction and strength, because you listen to your heart. Breaks through communication-barriers in a gentle way. Helps to express your deeper emotions, without conflict. Express freely what is in your heart and mind. Has given good results for people who stutter.

10 ml stock essence 

The Trumpet Vine essence helps you to handle things from the heart, especially when you are trying to do everything in an over-mental way. It connects the heart to your doing and helps you to stand fast for the deeper feelings in your heart, so that you start doing what you really like to do, instead of what you have been conditioned to think you should be doing and how you should do it. 

When communication problems need solving, Trumpet Vine breaks through the communication barriers in a gentle way, helping you to express your deeper emotions, without getting into conflict with yourself. It helps you to say freely what is in your heart and mind. Whenever a thick wall has been set up around somebody, Trumpet vine helps you to break this down in a very smooth and gentle way, because it first helps you to break down your own inner wall. 

It has given good results with people who are dysfluent (stutter). 


Adapt (to): rather break then bend with the other.
Activity: clearly follow your own direction.
Anger: express your anger with words.
Certainty: certainty and self-confidence.
Childhood: problems with expression and communication.
Closed: be able to express yourself well.
Communication: Strength in communication; stuttering.
Courage: to stand up for yourself.
Doing: act from the heart, grow in your own direction.
Emotions: express your feelings and emotions.
Expression: power in words.
Family: communication problems.
Fear: for the words of others.
Healing work: strengthens the healing power of your words.
Heart: find your way from out of the heart.
Individuality: stand up for yourself, Strength in words.
Irritation: because you cannot express yourself.
Limitations: in your communication, stuttering.
Oversensitive: gives verbal power and lets you stand up for yourself.
Power: verbal power, stand up for yourself.
Relations: when you cannot get through the other persons wall.
Shyness: makes you verbally stronger and more independent.
Struggle: stand up for yourself with words.
Trust: in your words, good when stuttering.
Work: improves communication at work.
Vulnerability: in your words and your expression. 


The Trumpet Vine essence is made from the vibrational frequencies of the Trumpet Vine (Campsis radicans) flower, organic brandy and spring water. 


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