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This essences was one of the first series of flower essences for the new times, and a very special one.  During the preparation of the 'normal' Orchid Essence we arrived on a very special spot.  This place was protected and you needed permission to come 'inside'.  During the attunement an energetic gatekeeper who protected against the abuse of energy and the abuse of nature appeared.  This was a gatekeeper for a Lemurian portal.  After asking for permission we were allowed to use this energy.  The gatekeeper went aside and a warm yellow ray like sunlight came into the bowl from the north under an angel of 120 degrees.  After that a 'door' opened right above the bowl, an angel appeared and a light of indescribable tenderness and love streamed into the bowl.

The Angel & Lemurian Portal Essence goes to the origin of who you are, beyond the limiting codes that keep you in old structures. Change and transformation takes place because you open up to the source of Higher knowledge.

When you have the feeling that you can’t go on and are running around in circles, when you can’t take the next step this essence opens your connection with the angelic world and aligns you with the wisdom and knowledge of Lemuria (The age of unity, before Atlantis and before the splitting up of our consciousness.).

This essence also transforms the old grief that blocks the step to the new and then brings peace and calmness.  It strengthens your connection with your angel, guidance or higher self, so you can clearly follow your path. Then it is easier to be yourself, beyond the limitations of old times and/or very old emotions.  Know that you are here on the earth to express Light and Love and go to a higher level.  You are the representative of this Light on earth.

You may also wish to use grounding essences like Terra when you take this essence, because of its strongly uplifting energy.


The New Times Angel & Lemurian Portal Essence is made from the vibrational frequencies of an orchid flower; an angel and indescribable streaming of loving and tender light in a special Lemurian portal; organic brandy and spring water.


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