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4 Elements Combination Essence

For joy and being loved

Be open and warm towards others, while remaining yourself. Gives you a feeling of freedom, joy and openness, because you take your own space. Gives a clear purpose of your soul.

10 ml stock essence  

The 4 Elements Combination Essence allows you to be open and warm towards others, while you can still stay yourself. The contact with your soul and the purpose of your soul become clearer. It helps to release what hinders your evolution. To stay in your own power and accept others as they are. Gives you a feeling of freedom, joy and openness, because you act more powerful and more secure. 

The Stinging nettle is chosen for the earth element. The stinging nettle gives you a good connection with the earth, so you can cleanse and purify. Good to connect you with the other through your base, your roots, but still stay yourself. Gives protection and a connection with the earth. Allow yourself to descend on earth, to take your responsibility and not run away when too many people come up to you. 

Burdock is chosen for the space element, to have enough space for yourself and take your own space. When you are closed in, locked up and cannot make the connection with the higher. Gives release and lets you take your own space, while you can heal and nurture it from your higher self. 

The flowers of the Impatiens are chosen for the water element. Impatiens helps you to make the connection with the higher in your own pace and on your own way. Don’t let yourself get disturbed and limited by what’s going on around you but go along with your higher development. 

Tansy is the plant chosen for the fire element, your power and the connection to your power. In the attunement the plant gave the following information: 

Circles of light

Without problems

Turn around your existence  

The choice doesn’t matter

Stand into life

It’s only one

Full of fire and power

Walk along with certainty and pride

Don’t be afraid of the night

Your life is love

And life          

Your life is God

And don’t get your life

I will bring you the light

Get lost


Choose the way

It will purify your fate


The 4 Elements Combination Essence is made from the vibrational frequencies of Stinging Nettle, Burdock, Impatiens and Tansy, organic brandy and spring water.


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