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Angel Portal New Times Essence

Manifesting the new.

Integration of old patterns from yourself and your family, especially the patterns that stopped you from manifesting in this life. Let the young soul and child bloom and give freedom from these patterns. You can connect the new with the protection of the light and the love of the universe and integrate safety, healing and stability.

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On December 21, 2012, a new essence was made that was named 'Angel Portal'.  Of course, there are many stories about this date, but the most fascinating is that many of these prophecies go as far as this date and not any further.  Isn't this a beautiful present, first we have to live up to all the old patterns, and now we can create freedom, released from all the limiting prophecies and connected with the original light from the universe. The Angel Portal Essence announced itself pretty soon after the preparation of the Child Vortex.  New movements, colours and rotations arose at a certain spot in the garden.  Soon it became clear that this was a new power place that deals with the evolution of consciousness.  A gate through which the old can be released and the new light can integrate.

Angel Portal helps you to acknowledge and release the old and integrate the new so that you can move to a next level of consciousness.  This is like a birth canal for the new times.  You can go into the new with the protection of the light and the love of the universe, you can integrate safety and stability in the body, and the earth, and so the next step to a deeper level of healing of the body/the earth can take place.  It takes care of a connection with your original angel force so you can bring the light into the earth and at the same time it gives you protection when you help to free the souls that are still locked deep into the darkness of the earth.

This essence can also provide safety to highly sensitive people and children, so that, they can flee less into problem behaviour to maintain themselves, and because the essence gives and anchors into the earth that resonates with their high vibration.

After several attunements, it also became clear that this essence has a special protecting quality and therefore is the key for the next essence, Divine Angel Essence, which was made in Alaska.  That essence deals with the integration of the light and the darkness.

With the Child Vortex Essence, you get the chance to safely break with your talents through the safety of your individual/family patterns, and come home here to Earth.  The safety offered by the Angel Portal Essence helps you dare to manifest these talents for real, so you are more true to yourself and less sensitive to common opinion, though you are often pinned in a collective field (Jung's collective subconsciousness) and then you lose the connection with yourself.


The New Times Angel Portal Essence is made from the energies of a special portal in our garden where new movements, colours and rotations arose, as well as the vibrational frequencies of Morganite, Selenite, Cyanite, Apophyllite, Heulandite, Herkimer Diamond, Elestial Quartz; organic brandy and spring water.

Morganite: a very important mineral for this time, that helps you go through all the old layers of pain, grief, hurt and blockages.  Soft, but with a deep, continuing effect.  It gives insight and takes away the veils so that you can see the old patterns and transform them.  Morganite has an enormous heart power and divine love and it opens your higher heart energy so it can flow.

Selenite: has a very fine vibration, makes clear and opens the higher crown chakra, so that you get access to the angel consciousness and are capable of anchoring your light body into the earth.  It gives insight in old and unconscious events and gives protection and stability.

Cyanite: makes the connection between the heart and the higher levels so that decisions that have to be made are also supported by the heart and the soul.  So that you can choose the direction that matches with you.

Herkimer diamond: opens the channels for spiritual growth and enhances the flow of it.  Gives insight into the blockages in spiritual growth and in past lives.  Makes the guidance from higher dimensions stronger and clears the purpose of your soul.

Elestial quartz: connects you with the light from the divine worlds, clears and puts you in a higher vibration, in doing so it accelerates everything, in a gentle way.  It heals deeply into your earthly core.  It brings insight and wisdom and is connected (among others) with Sirius.


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