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Angelica Flower Essence (Angelica archangelica)

Protection. Angelic help.

Provides protection from the spiritual worlds and the help from loving “angelic” forces. Especially when one crosses the threshold to the "other side", in situations such as death, dreams, meditation, birth and dying. Spiritual development. To go beyond your boundaries.

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The Angelica Essence provides protection from the spiritual worlds and the help of loving forces from on high, "angelic protection" especially when one crosses the threshold to the "other side", for example in situations such as death or passing away, dreams, meditation, operations or serious illnesses, when the mortal body is less bound to the earth.

It provides spiritual protection for the infant during pregnancy, favours a more spiritual development of the consciousness and strengthens the ability to experience loving spiritual forces in your life and work.

It promotes the search for and the use of spiritual insight. In this way it encourages growth and protects the consciousness; it increases trust in the leadership of the Higher Self when confronted with unknown areas - a "Godly" trust with a good earth-bound feeling without doubting your personal Wisdom.


  • I am protected by my spiritual insight.
  • Spirituality is necessary for my growth.
  • My Higher Self guides me in unknown areas.


Acceptation: of spiritual support.
Awareness: of your spirituality.
Closed: when you cannot open for your spirituality.
Communication: with the higher, also good when you start with a consultation.
Cosmos: universal trust and support from the spiritual world.
Death: help and support from the spiritual world when dying.
Deepening: of the spiritual.
Development: in spiritual growth.
Drain: during dreaming, with finer spiritual attunement.
Dreaming / Sleeping: "angel protection" during dreaming.
Earth / Grounding: through trust in and support from the spiritual world.
Family: to make the connection with your spiritual family.
Guidance: spiritual support in your daily world an in your dream world.
Healing work: spiritual attunement and refinement during healing work.
Higher Self: spiritual connection, angel world.
Listen: listen to the higher spiritual.
Matter: lets your consciousness look for spirituality.
Meditation: to make a deep spiritual connection.
Opposition: strengthening and support by spiritual forces.
Pregnancy: spiritual protection during childbirth.
Protection: "angel" protection, in the daily as well as in the dream world.
Restore: through the help of the higher.
Soul: spiritual protection of the soul.
Spirituality: spiritual development, connection with the angel world.
Help: spiritual support.
Support: from the spiritual world.
Surgery: spiritual protection during surgery.
Trust: in spiritual guidance.
Work: spiritual support.
Vulnerability: in unknown areas, in dreaming.


The Angelica essence is made from the vibrational frequencies of the Angelica (Angelica archangelica) flower, organic brandy and spring water.


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