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The Corprinus Auricomus mushroom essence is for handling things from the strong source of your original being; returning to your own structure. Persevering in spite of blockages and the feeling that you cannot go further. Opening your heart and getting you already moving towards your future. Strengthening your feminine qualities. Moving on, being open to your future. Gives strength and space to the physical body. Makes room for the new and transformation.

Act from your original power. Fulfill the assignment of your heart. Gives power and room to your body, especially in the chest area. Build your future out of love for your body, out of love for your spirit and out of love for the earth. The Coprinus clears and releases through the solar plexus. 


The Coprinus Auricomus essence is made from the vibrational frequencies of the Coprinus Auricomus (Coprinus Auricomus) mushroom, organic brandy and spring water.


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