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Divine Angel New Times Essence

Bring the Light on Earth.

The release of pain, stress, grief or other unbalances by reinforcing your own light. Heals the connection with the Source. Let go of the dark nights of the soul back through many generations. The light of Lemuria leads the way for the evolution on earth. To deepen the connection with the angelic world. Be a healer for the lost people. The love from the land of Lemuria as a tool for healing the pain on Earth.10 ml stock essence

The Divine Angel Essence was made on June 24 2013 during a magic trip in Alaska. This essence already announced itself in 2005 and several new time essences, like the Angel Portal, had to be made to make this essence possible.

The Divine Angel gives an insight in unsolved and forgotten patterns from the past, brings wholeness and strengthens your self-esteem and grounding. Traumas from past lives are mirrored in the present time and can be repaired by your own force. Through this releasing and cleaning the road to the Source is healed and your Higher Self can express itself completely. The essence gives relief on a universal level and deepens the connection with the angelic world. A real and deep manifestation of the soul can take place, because you are better connected with the spiritual world, higher guidance and your own intuition. Where on earth there is still darkness, in the other world of the Light is unconditional love, trust and justice. The Divine Angel also makes you clear old emotions in your dreaming, brings an acceptance of what is and strengthens the inner joy, without a specific reason, in the heart.

An essence to free human beings. When someone is still caught in pain, stress, grief or other unbalances, this essence deals with the release of these problems by reinforcing your own light.

To be conscious or unconscious an extension of the light and show this light, everywhere you are. Be a lantern bearer for the new times. Let go of the dark nights of the soul back through many generations.

The light of Lemuria leads the way for the evolution on earth. The healing of mankind through the conscious connection with the 4th dimension. Live from the truth.

Be a healer for the lost people, a healer for the lost women, a healer for the lost children. The love from the land of Lemuria as a tool for healing the pain on earth.

Be aware that illness is also a part of an inner struggle, a war that has not yet been fought and still goes on. The light of Lemuria descends to the deepest depth of consciousness to solve unconscious conflicts there. Not because it has to, but because an evolution has taken place in the human consciousness and the conflict will be solved by the collective memory.
The collective memory of men as a means for solving the issues that have lost their function and still are there as unnecessary ballast. Through the collective memory many old fears can be released, because the essence raises the vibration of the collective memory and because of this expansion, the need no longer exists to suffer any more. Salvation from the new dimension. The highway of healing.


The New Times Divine Angel Essence is made from the vibrational frequencies of Brazilianite, Watermelon Tourmaline, Green Tourmaline, Blue Tourmaline, Aquamarine, Rock Crystal, Lemurian Sar Seed Rock Crystal Double Terminated, Apophyllite and Calcite, Green Apophyllite, Hematite, Kunzite, Apatite and Lemurian Seed Rock Crystal, organic brandy and spring water.

Brazilianite: for bringing out your qualities and to attune to the highest level.
Watermelon tourmaline: awakens your higher heart and brings the consciousness from the head to the heart. Gives a natural joy and makes your love stronger.
Green tourmaline: heals the heart and makes it strong. Opens you for divine love.
Blue tourmaline: deals with the expansion of the consciousness and promotes a total surrender to the divine source.
Aquamarine: clears old patterns and blockages from the past. Makes the connection with the divine female; the source of life force.
Rock crystal: enhances spiritual awareness and strengthens the channel for receiving the high frequencies from the angelic world.
Lemurian star seed rock crystal: double terminated gives access to the wisdom of old civilizations. Enhances the female energy and makes a connection with Sirius, the whales and the dolphins. For breaking through the ancestral patterns that limit you in completely being yourself.
Apophyllite and Calcite: activate the connection with higher guidance and angels. Promotes the contact with your higher self and your soul. For spiritual insight during physical unbalance.
Green Apophyllite: strengthens the connection with the nature beings and the activity from the vortexes and portals to other dimensions. For purification and protection against poisonous environments.
Hematite: is for handling polarities and balancing opposites. For the integration of the shadow self. For bringing the highest light frequencies to the earth and into the body.
Kunzite: opens the heart to receive divine love. Clears blockages around the heart and gives the certainty that you will always be loved.


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