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Divine Light Essence is combination of the Divine Angel, the Divine Heart and the Divine Love essences.  After the Divine Love, a new combination soon became apparent: The Divine Trinity. A combination of the Divine Angel, the Divine Heart and the Divine Love. The date this combination came together was September 29th. This is the day of St. Michaël, the archangel that stands for courage and clear insight.

It helps to be able to see the difficulties of this time and to meet the challenges you face in your life. Qualities such as thinking as a whole and insight into your spiritual development and the needs of this time belong to the qualities of Michaël. In Hebrew, Michaël means "Who is like God." An affirmation of the quality of Michaël is still very applicable in this present time: I cut through the darkness of the world with a flaming sword of Truth.

Opens your crown chakra and enhances the flow of universal light into the higher chakras. It fills your aura and strengthens the outer edges with light. It clarifies and awakens and gives insight into your path. A path supported by the Light. This is the end of a cycle of awareness and growth, allowing you to take the next step from a new perspective and new level. A next step that has your deepest connection with your soul as a base.

Being connected to the ALL and the love from the highest divine source. Staying in the here and now without being overwhelmed with emotions and releasing the past without pain. For releasing tension and stress that arises when the development of your consciousness is blocked. To feel free in your actions and manifestation.


The New Times Divine Light Essence is made from the vibrational frequencies of Divine Angel Essence, Divine Heart Essence and Divine Love Essence, organic brandy and spring water.

The Divine Angel gives insight into unresolved and forgotten patterns of the past, brings wholeness and strengthens your self-esteem and foundation. Traumas from past lives are mirrored and can be restored with ones own strength. A remedy for the liberation of mankind. When someone is still caught in pain, stress, sadness or other imbalances, this remedy causes the release of these problems by enhancing their own light. Being consciously or unconsciously an extension of the light and showing this light wherever you are. A light carrier for the New Time to come. Being able to let go of the dark sides of the soul for many generations.

The Divine Heart supports cooperation as the next step in consciousness, in which you can learn that the original creation consists of love. That you are connected to everything and everyone and feel no obligations to anything. Exist, because you feel part of the whole. This way there is a trust in the deepest parts of your soul. Being able to feel that your heart is the center of the universe; for integration with others and all other dimensions of consciousness. Go beyond the struggle in harmonious cooperation, by integrating all loose, stuck and blocking structures.

The Divine Love helps to integrate the old and new higher knowledge and strengthens your universal love. Understanding your soul's old patterns and the manifestation of the love for yourself and your environment from a deeper level. Growth, development and manifestation as key words of your existence. She takes care of your shadow side, acceptance and helps release the negativity in yourself. Feeling connected with the human spiritual family and feeling that the earth is your home. Be open to the other, so the other can be seen as a reflection of yourself. Live in light and love and know that you are present, having a choice to live your life as pure as can be without making any adjustments.


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