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Earth Vortex with White Angel New Times Essence 

Clearing the shadow side.

To clear the shadow sides that block your manifestation and growth. It strengthens your inner light, gives protection, and make you stand up for yourself. It strengthens you to remove old problems that are still present at soul level and can cause crisis like a psychosis, a divorce, a conflict, or a serious disease.

10 ml stock essence

The Earth Vortex with White Angel essence, is a new times essence for manifestation, the connection with the earth and strength. This essence is made from a sacred power place with a black tourmaline, a Lemurian quartz and a super seven mineral. The sacred power place is a vortex that goes into the earth and makes a deep connection with a core of light. From this light comes the white angel with a golden globe in her hands.

The essence has not only has a downward spiral, by which the cosmic energy and the star children can incarnate, but also an upward spiral by which the knowledge from old times as Lemuria can be set free. In the center they come together and that brings the strong power of manifestation of the cosmic man. And it brings your focus to the real reality, with a strong hold from the now on the earth, in this incarnation, with your roots in the earth.

The earth vortex with white angel not only helps you make a deep connection with the earth, but also takes care of the processing and clearing of the shadow sides from past lives, that are not worked through properly and therefore cause problems in this life. It are these shadow sides that block your manifestation and growth. Through this deeper connection with the earth higher qualities of the soul can manifest better and so strengthen and extend the aura.

The essence enhances the connection with Lemuria, the heart and with Atlantis, the mind and connects with Akasha, the golden city of knowledge.

Through the enhancement of these connections the power to manifest you comes into existence and change can take place. You can keep up a stronger connection with Lemuria, because the original connection is strengthened. This essence is a follow-up of the Angel- and Lemurian Portal essence and it helps you when you cannot enter the portal, but it also helps you when the knowledge from Lemuria becomes available.

It strengthens your inner light, gives protection and make you stand up for yourself. It gives you the strength to remove the oldest problems that are still present at soul level. When a manifestation of the soul is not finished off, the old problems stay behind in the consciousness and lead their own life. They can roam in your consciousness for ages and are finally manifested as a crisis. (for example: a psychosis, a divorce, a conflict or a serious disease).

This crisis mostly takes place at the end of a period of transformations, the problem forces you to make a major change, there is no room for delay any more. The essence also gives you the awareness that you don’t have to fight the evil, but that you can release it and that this is the moment to stand in your power.
This essence has a clear relationship with an archetypal pattern that you can compare with the image of the archangel Lucifer who brings light to humankind but also the insight that good cannot exist without evil and that everything originates out of a universal source, the trinity. This essence is made on December 24, the moment of birth of the sun and each year the birth of your inner power.

I renew, change and manifest the deepest level of my soul, I let go of old not integrated and not manifested emotions and give form to my new direction.


The New Times Earth Vortex with White Angel Essence is made from the vibrational frequencies of a black Tourmaline, Lemurian Quartz, a Super Seven Crystal; and organic brandy and spring water.

Black tourmaline: works on grounding and cleansing, not only cleansing the electric fields, but also of negativity and evil. It works positive on negative atmospheres and unwanted influences and neutralizes tensions.
The Lemurian quartz: brings higher light into your consciousness that strengthens your growth and the divine trust in you. The crystal radiates very much love and unity and connects you with Lemuria and with who you really are.
The Super seven or Melody stone: opens all chakras, brings transformation and connects you with the higher, with past lives and is an antenna for receiving knowledge and spiritual guidance.


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