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Evening Primrose Flower Essence  (Oenothera lamarckiana)

Inner Beauty. Abuse.

To connect with the source of your self-confidence, your beauty and inner feminine (in man and woman). Gives insight in the old, unknown pains such as: incest, abuse and problems with sexuality. Helps to solve these problems and brings them into the open.

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While the Red Poppy essence brings the power of the sun into the female qualities, the Evening Primrose essence strengthens the creative forces of the moon. It helps us to (re)discover and connect with the source of self-confidence and the inner worth of the feminine. It brings insight into old patterns of incest, rape, sexual abuse, and problems in the area of sexuality, giving support and help for discussing such problems, and bringing everything out into the open.  This evening primrose flowers at night.


Abuse: for all kinds of abuse, physical, sexual, emotional and psychic.
Acceptation: of your sexuality.
Certainty: inner and outer beauty; sexuality.
Childhood: recover from old pain, incest, rape and/or oppression in your childhood.
Clearing: of old negative sexual experiences.
Closed: for sexuality and intimacy.
Communication: be able to talk about what has been done to you.
Courage: in sexuality.
Deal with: incest and abuse.
Depression: because of incest / abuse.
Duty: forced in sexuality.
Expression: show your beauty.
Fear: for your sexuality.
Feelings: talk about deeply suppressed feelings.
Female strength: the power of the moon; your beauty.
Heart: appreciation of yourself.
Insight: in old pains, such as abuse.
Listen: to the dark / the shadow in you.
Love: love for your own beauty.
Menopause: both internally and externally (with Red Poppy).
Menstruation: by emotional and physical complaints. use also topically (together with Red Poppy).
Power: in the creative, female sexuality.
Restore: trauma related to sexuality.
Sexuality: trauma's, for instance incest; low sexual energy.
Shyness: in sexuality.
Sorrow: abuse, not belief in yourself.
Soul: brings light in the darkness of your soul.
Space: when you have handed in all your space, related to sexuality.
Trust: in your sexuality.
Work: intimidation, dominance or when you give away your power.
Vulnerability: sexuality.


The Evening Primrose essence is made from the vibrational frequencies of the Evening Primrose (Oenothera lamarckiana) flower, organic brandy and spring water.


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