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Foxglove Flower Essence  (Digitalis purpurea)

Letting go old beliefs. Listen to your heart.

Being able to contact your heart. Go beyond thinking. Releases mental structures and behaviour patterns, especially patterns from past lives and the ones taken over from the parents.

10 ml stock essence

Foxglove essence is about going beyond thinking. It eases the mental processes, so you are be able to contact your heart again. Helps to let go of thinking structures and patterns of how we think we should behave, especially old believes, behavioural patterns out of past lives, for example monastic life. Accepting the connection with the higher self as the centre of our Self and as source of a higher quality of love in our lives.

Helpful for being more playful in life. Gives joy and pleasure in sexuality and life in general.

When you haven't any insight into a problem or a difficult situation, Foxglove helps you to gain insights, especially when you cannot understand the problem with the mind.

Foxglove opens you step by step to higher realms beyond thinking, so you are able to use other sources of information, for instance dreams. Often these problems or difficulties have their roots in the heart or the emotional world. Balances the polarity of the higher self with the polarity of the earth.


Acceptation: of the higher as the core of your being.
Awareness: of stuck thought patterns.
Clearing: of old patterns, held by the thinking.
Deepening: go further than you can comprehend with your thinking.
Development: further than the reason.
Dreaming / Sleeping: receiving information about problems during dreaming.
Happiness: playfulness and joy in sexuality.
Heart: release the thinking and connect with the heart.
Higher Self: love as the central axis in your life.
Insight: in old mental patterns.
Letting go: thought structures and old patterns.
Love: find deeper sources of love inside yourself.
Male: brings you from the thinking to the heart.
Meditation: beyond fixed patterns.
Rest: rest in the head through the connection with your heart.
Sexuality: pleasure and playfulness.
Sort out: too much organisation and structure in the mind.
Structures: the release of taken along old structures.
Struggle: between the reason and the heart.
Stuck: in old thinking patterns.
Thinking: brings you from your thinking to your heart.
Worries: go beyond thinking and old patterns.


The Foxglove essence is made from the vibrational frequencies of the Foxglove (Digitalis purpurea) flower, organic brandy and spring water.


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