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Goldenrod  (Solidago officinalis)

Individuality. Self-confidence.

Being at ease in a group. Strengthens self-confidence and develops open-heartedness and hospitality When you feel locked up and cannot open yourself to the other. Direct your attention to your higher qualities.

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The keywords of Goldenrod essence are individuality and the other, especially in a group, when you feel locked up, and cannot open yourself to the other. When you are unable to let go of your personal ego, and cannot direct your attention to the higher qualities, putting your interest too much in your personal achievements, and feeling over-dependent on others.

Goldenrod gives you self-trust and self-confidence, helping you develop openness of heart and warmth.  It opens you to be a channel through which you can transform the higher energies.  gives strength allowing you to open your being with love towards your environment.  As a result of a stronger connection with the higher self, your being can give itself with enthusiasm, a sense of abundance and co-operation.


Feel at home: feel at home in a group.
Adapt (to): adapt to the group.
Certainty: in the group.
Closed: not open up for the group / the other.
Cosmos: be a channel for cosmic energies.
Drain: in groups, loose yourself.
Emotions: emotional problems in the group.
Environment: cooperate with the environment from out of your higher self.
Fear: for the group.
Higher Self: faith in your higher self in groups.
Individuality: integration of your own individuality and the group.
Irritation: in the group.
Limitations: to be yourself in a group.
Male: self-confidence and self-esteem.
Opposition: from the group.
Oversensitive: for the group.
Protection: in the group.
Restore: you and the group.
Shyness: in groups.
Space: have the feeling, that you have no space in the group.
Spirituality: let go of the ego in a group an be open for the higher.
Struggle: in the group.
Help: from the group.
Support: from the higher self, during group processes.
Trauma: trauma, acquired from group processes.
Work: when you don't fit in the group.
Vulnerability: in the group.
Courage: to be yourself in a group.


The Goldenrod essence is made from the vibrational frequencies of the Goldenrod (Solidago officinalis) flower, organic brandy and spring water.


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