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Group Soul Essence

10 ml stock essence 

This combination Group Soul Essence works on the group and the group process. An important remedy for this time, in which many people no longer feel connected to others and everyone tries to defend their own territory. The remedy works quickly and continues as an oil slick to the others. 

The remedy goes beyond the group and goes to the core, the soul of the problem. This can be a fear or a conflict in a group.  The fear can be released by this combination and the battle with others disappears. The Group soul ensures that neutrality occurs in a group. This neutrality gives you the space and freedom to say what you have wanted to say in the group for a long time. 

It also brings out the inner conflicts in your consciousness and therefore makes you calm and relaxed. Eventually it also reaches the world and the battle in the world. 

A good essence when you are afraid that you are not understood. Also good for fear of the unknown, when you do not know where your soul is going. When you do not know where you are going, the essence gives confidence and opens you to the support of others. 

Particularly good to use when giving a course or lecture. 

Also good in animals when there are conflicts in the group. 


Group Soul is a combination essence made from the vibrational frequencies of Tansy, Goldenrod, Motherwort, Borage, and Trumpet Vine, and the essences Living Star Light and Terra Extra 


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