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Impatiens Flower Essence  (Impatiens glandulifera)

Patience. Life’s timing.

This essence brings patience and the understanding that all life continues in its own unique time. Becoming aware of disturbances caused by others. To express yourself clearly towards others. Wanting to grow too fast. To adapt easily to others without expressing irritation and annoyance.

10 ml stock essence

The Impatiens essence was prepared in Belgium on 8.28.1991. It was prepared in perfect harmony with a group of people who had attended three weekend workshops and a week-long intensive about flower essences and healing. The preparation took place following the workshop. The bank of Impatiens growing there was at the peak of its strength and covered an area more than 32 meters square.

Positive transforming qualities: Patience and calm; understanding; knowing that all life continues in its own unique time; spontaneity; recognizing your inner and outer chaos and helping to integrate this within the consciousness; clear actions out of your deepest inner self. Development of your own deepest true timing; becoming aware of disturbances by others; helping to express yourself clearly towards others.

Imbalance: Impatience, with yourself as well as others; to adapt easily to others without expressing irritation and annoyance; wanting to grow too fast; being drawn too easily out of your own life's timing by the influence of others, not expressing this and getting annoyed. Impatiens is also very helpful in cases of skin problems. In these cases, Impatiens can be used directly from the stock bottle.


  • I accept full responsibility for my own life.
  • I express myself clearly, with purity.
  • I find my own way, quietly and calmly.


Abuse: to express irritations, coming from abuse.
Adapt (to): adapt to another person.
Acceptation: to the rhythm of others.
Activity: when you want to do too many things at a time.
Anger: because you piled up little irritations.
Chaos: when you want to do too much at a time.
Childhood: when you cannot go your own way.
Closed: no empathy for the rhythm of others.
Communication: not communicating, but swallow what is bugging you.
Creativity: patience concerning your creativity.
Doing: no patience, when you want to do everything too fast and put too less attention into it.
Emotions: when you keep your emotions inside.
Energy: restores the energy after the disturbance of your own rhythm.
Environment: problems with your rhythm and the rhythm of others.
Expansion: when you don't make progress.
Expression: not express yourself but swallow everything, till you explode.
Family: when you adapt to your family.
Growth: impatience, you don't grow fast enough.
Healing work: when you are impatient about the healing process.
Insight: in how your own rhythm is and that of others.
Irritation: because you are impatient and cannot go your own way.
Limitations: because of impatience and irritation, from everyone who gets in your way.
Listen: to your own rhythm.
Matter: when you're not able to materialise your ideas fast enough.
Moving: when you are annoyed and things don't get on.
Oversensitive: when you can't go your own way.
Patience: know that everything and everyone has its own pace.
Precise: towards the behaviour of others.
Relations: when you cannot go your own way.
Rest: stay in your rhythm and don't get disturbed.
Restore: when your rhythm is easily disturbed.
Sexuality: give yourself in and hiding your irritations, adapt.
Shyness: hiding irritations and not go your own way.
Sorrow: when you have adapted too much.
Space: not stand up for your own space and rhythm and swallow.
Structures: when you let others take you out of your rhythm / structure.
Struggle: because of annoyances and irritations that have to do with different rhythms.
Work: when you cannot work in your own pace and swallow everything.


The Impatiens essence is made from the vibrational frequencies of the Impatiens (Impatiens glandulifera) flower, organic brandy and spring water.


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