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Little Inky Cap Mushroom Essence – (Coprinus xanthotrix)

Emotional strength. Not being pushed around anymore.

When feeling vulnerable this essence will bring emotional strength and trust. Helps you rise above emotions. When others try to push you around, or to get the better of you, it helps you to stay strong and lets you stand up.

10 ml stock essence

This little mushroom helps us to let go to emotions.  When feeling vulnerable Little Inky Cap Mushroom essence will bring emotional strength and give universal trust. Helps you rise above emotions and promotes the letting-go of old anger and emotions quickly and easily. When others try to push you around, or to get the better of you, Little Inky Cap helps you to remain strong and gives the ability to stand up, without hesitating, for your own viewpoints and feelings.


Adapt (to): adapt to not articulated work/family codes
Anger: helps to release old anger.
Awareness: of (unarticulated) family/work/friends codes.
Cleansing: of old (family, work, friends) codes / patterns.
Courage: to stand up for yourself.
Drain: by unarticulated patterns, in the family, your job, with friends.
Duty: forced by family, job and/or friends.
Emotions: emotional power, the release of anger.
Environment: interference from out of the environment with what you are doing.
Expression: of anger that has been stored for a long time.
Family: let go of family codes of how to behave.
Fear: because of family/work/friends patterns and unarticulated behaviour patterns.
Feelings: feel vulnerable, old anger.
Going on: don't let yourself put aside through indirect or direct threats.
Individuality: stand by yourself, also when threatened indirectly.
Irritation: because of the interference of others..
Letting go: of problems that come on your way suddenly.
Limitations: through the patterns of family and work.
Opposition: by indirect influencing.
Power: emotional power, stand up for yourself.
Protection: against the unwanted influence of others.
Relations: indirect pressure and not articulated behaviour codes.
Renewal: release old family/work/ friends codes.
Restore: when you are influenced by indirect behaviour codes.
Sexuality: by indirect pressure.
Space: no space because of not visible or not articulated codes.
Structures: break through old family/work/friends structures.
Struggle: because of unarticulated (behaviour) codes.
Stuck: in unarticulated patterns and family codes.
Trauma: helps you to release quickly.
Work: by indirect pressure, dominance.
Vulnerability: unwanted interference by others.


The Little Inky Cap essence is made from the vibrational frequencies of the Little Inky Cap (Coprinus xanthotrix) mushroom, organic brandy and spring water.


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