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Divine Love New Times Essence 

Universal Love.

Live in light and love and know that you are present, having a choice to live your life as pure as can be without making any adjustments. Growth, development, and manifestation as key words of your existence. To become aware of your shadow side. For acceptance and release of negativity in yourself.  Feeling connected with the human spiritual family and feeling that the earth is your home. 

10 ml stock essence

Divine Love Essence integrates old and new higher knowledge and strengthens your universal love. It helps you understand the old patterns of your soul and you can manifest the love for yourself and your environment from a deeper level of your consciousness. Growth, development and manifestation are the keywords of your existence. She supports the acceptance of your shadow side and is helpful in the release of the negativity within you.

It reconnects you with old knowledge that is directly connected into your heart. This connection establishes the reception of that knowledge directly from the original source and converts it into true love. You are the creator of the universe and you will act from here. You feel connected with your human spiritual family and acknowledge that the earth is your home. Being open minded about others and being able to see the other as the reflection of yourself.

Being able to live in The Light and Love and knowing you exist of this. Knowing you have a choice to only live in purity, not adapting to your surroundings anymore. It helps to connect to the higher knowledge of your soul, live up to it and helps you to manifest it.

When you were limited by others, by religion or beliefs and / or general thinking, the Divine Love helps you to let go of these restrictions.

A few weeks after making the Divine Heart in June 2014 the first signs of change caused by this new remedy presented itself. Energetic locations awoke, gates opened and special minerals had to be put down on these sites for the development and manifestation of the various energy sites. For quite a while there was an understanding that a new remedy had to be made during the Blood Moon in September.

It is an important moment for transformation to make a choice: to preserve what you have or to renew. The energy places associated themselves with very old knowledge, universal knowledge that is also stored deep in our consciousness. As of July 2014 we placed a total of 18 different minerals in different energy areas. In the end we used 13 minerals in the bowl to make the remedy. Two days after we tuned in and positioned the stones in the bowl of water, the remedy was made on Monday, the day of the Blood Moon.

The following words, in this order and separately and independently of each other were used by the participants during the positioning of the stones and connecting to the process.  These words together formed the following sentence: By accepting the universal love and by being connected in one unity, in co-operation with the Source, the protective blanket of strength, joy and vastness of the multi-dimensional Goddess can be nurtured.


The New Times Divine Love Essence is made from the vibrational frequencies of Smoky Quartz, Obsidian, Angel Phantom Quartz, Bolivian Trigonic Amethyst, Aquamarine, Azeztulite, Morganite, Apophyllite, Lithium candle Quartz, Herkimer Diamond, The Lemurian Trigonic Record Keeper, Lavender Calcite, Mountain Crystal; organic brandy and spring water.

Smoke quartz: this is an important stone for grounding. It helps to receive high energy frequencies and supports your body with its alignment and protection.
Obsidian: is made at the source of energy of the Angel Portal and helps to establish connection and expansion. Be who you are from within your inner strength and stability. Helps to let go, unwind, and gains insight into blockages. Stimulates your development and directs your soul.
Angel Phantom Quartz: helps to release your worrying, your fears and your worldview, by connecting you with your divine, higher self. It has a particularly gentle and friendly energy and brings you to the depth of universal love.
Bolivian Trigonic Amethyst :brings the knowledge of the Masters and Angels from higher dimensions to the earth. Enhances the memory of your original heritage, your original wisdom. Gives you the confidence to connect with this wisdom. For manifestation of your highest qualities and your strength on earth.
Aquamarine: gives protection and security of the gentle force. It promotes the expression of your self-esteem and helps understand one another. She helps to let go of stagnant patterns. The aquamarine is a comforting stone for those who do not feel at home on earth. Gives insight into yourself and enhances playfulness and creativity.
Azeztulite :is a stone that announces major changes. She possesses the energy and light which allows blockages to be removed and cell renewal can take place. Azeztulite opens different dimensions around us and enhances our consciousness, our awareness that we are really beings of light. It stimulates one to be a messenger of nameless light and radiates this light outward.
Morganite: helps you to go through all the old layers of pain, sadness, hurt and blockages. She gives you insight into old patterns and removes the veils, so that transformation can take place. The Morganite possesses an enormous heart of power and Divine Love and opens up your Higher Heart energy, to stimulates its flow and make you realize that in all your simplicity you are part of the greater whole.
Apophyllite: is an important mineral to connect with spiritual guides and guidance. To activate the connection with higher guides, angels and the divine, to be able to perceive your life from a higher perspective.
Lithium Candle Quartz: gives inner peace and ensures the connection with the higher self, allowing negativity to be released. Brings harmony into relationships. Calms your thoughts, calms the nerves, enhances relaxation and opens the heart. To open up for the will of the Divine and to surrender.
Herkimer Diamond: opens the channels for spiritual growth and strengthens its flow. It gives insight into the blockages of spiritual growth and past lives. Strengthens leadership from higher dimensions and clarifies the purpose of your soul.
The Lemurian Trigonic Record Keeper: raises awareness and provides the initiation into old knowledge, needed to reach Enlightenment. She connects with other dimensions and your highest goal, ensuring that you fully remain in the here and now. For resolving conflicts, an ascension crystal that helps one on the road to transformation.
Lavender Calcite: possesses a feminine soft Lemurian energy and helps one to become aware of your own divinity and high love. She brings hope, strength and confidence and reduces your thinking. She connects all energies and provides a smooth way for transformation and stimulates the growth of your consciousness. She connects with the angels.
Mountain Crystal: enhances spiritual consciousness and strengthens the channel for receiving high frequencies from the angelic world.


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