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Field Scabious Flower Essence  (Knautia arvensis)

Grounding. Receiving love.

Brings grounding and support. Quiets the thinking and purifies unnecessary energies and thoughts. Positive thinking. To receive the love and care from family and friends. Hold 2 drops in the aura of the client to cleanse and ground.

10 ml stock essence

Field Scabious essence grounds and supports, especially when you have the feeling not to belong. Field Scabious brings transformation and wisdom. Quiets the thinking and purifies unnecessary thoughts through the earth. Positive thinking. Helps us to handle things better, to be more perceptive and open to others and the environment. Connects us to the higher, serene, spheres and be able to reflect them back out and into the surroundings so the support and warmth of others can be received. Very good for purifying the aura. Putting two drops of the remedy in the palms of your hands and holding them within the aura purifies it and dispels even the most ancient and tenacious memories. It is good to begin a session with clients in this way


Acceptation: of the support of others.
Aura: clears the aura from old and persistent pollution.
Awareness: of the people around you.
Childhood: when you feel like you don't belong.
Clearing: of the aura.
Closed: when you don't let yourself be supported.
Communication: open up for warmth and support.
Cosmos: opens you for universal support.
Depression: because you don't feel supported.
Development: in communication with others.
Drain: of the aura, caused by pollution.
Earth / Grounding: through the support of others.
Emergency: headaches caused by pollution or too much information.
Environment: let the environment support you.
Family: when you cannot receive the support of your family.
Guidance: receiving help and support from others.
Healing work: to cleanse the aura, put 2 drops in your hands and hold them in the aura.
Heart: to receive the support from others.
Higher Self: make a connection, radiate love.
Love: to receive love and support.
Meditation: for finer, more gentle support.
Restore: of the aura.
Help: problems with receiving support from others.
Support: receive support from your environment.
Thinking: when you think much or had to think much.
Trauma: when you did get no support.
Worries: unnecessary thoughts.


The Field Scabious essence is made from the vibrational frequencies of the Field Scabious (Knautia arvensis) flower, organic brandy and spring water.


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