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Red Poppy - Corn Poppy Flower Essence (Papaver rhoeas)

Female strength. Mother connection.

Strengthens the inner woman. A warming and empowering essence when you feel vulnerable in your female qualities. Increases warmth and love. Good after problems with the mother and disturbances like moving, abuse and other calamities. Balance in sexuality (also men). For all female problems (from menarche until menopause) and sleeping problems.

10 ml stock essence 

Red Poppy essence strengthens the inner woman, a warming and empowering essence for those who feel vulnerable without having the power to transform their vulnerabilities. Gives the power to work with your vulnerabilities. Strengthens the link with the feminine force and the earth. Increases the inner quality of love. Balance sexuality in men and women; helpful also for men and children, especially when they cannot sleep after a busy day. 


Abuse:  for all kinds of abuse, together with evening primrose

Acceptance:  of female power

Activity: in female power

Certainty: of your (inner) woman

Closed: when you cannot open yourself for your female power

Courage:  to show your female strength

Deal with:  all changes and disturbances

Development:  in feminine power

Dreaming / Sleeping: when you cannot sleep after busyness.

Earth/Grounding: the connection with mother earth and the female power

Emergency: when you cannot sleep because of restlessness or busyness

Energy: female energy

Expression: of your female power

Feelings: strength in your emotions

Female Strength: strengthening the inner woman, in women as well as in men

Heart: strengthens the female qualities of the heart

Help: from your inner woman

Listen: to the female

Love: for your inner female power

Menopause: in all situations, both internally and externally (with Evening Primrose)’

Menstruation: by all disturbances and changes also good during menopause (together with Evening Primrose)

Oversensitive: in the feminine

Power: in the female

Protection: emotionally vulnerable

Rest: rest during the night, after busyness of busy activities

Sexuality: too excessive sexual behaviour

Shyness: in your female power, your inner woman

Support: from your inner woman

Trauma: related to sexuality, incest

Trust: in the (inner) feminine strength

Worries: restlessness, eventually from being busy

Vulnerability: deep inner feelings, see the female as a power 


The Red Corn Poppy essence is made from the vibrational frequencies of the Red Corn Poppy (Papaver rhoeas) flower, organic brandy and spring water. 


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