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Yellow Star Tulip  (Calochortus monophyllus)

Sensitivity. Inner Goddess.

Opens you for your sensitivity and helps you to use it. Connects you with the truth of your heart. To start with projects that you have been aware of for some time. Gives insight into your feelings. Connects you with the inner goddess of femininity. Gives trust and stimulates you to act out of your highest self

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Yellow Star Tulip Essence helps sensitive people who are no longer sure of where they are going. It helps us not to hide our sensitivity but to make use of it. It is also a precious help for bringing into being what our heart tells us and to start on projects that have been signalled inwardly for some time but that have remained hidden deep within. Yellow Star Tulip gives a clearer picture of how our own feelings are put together. It gives us trust in all changes and stimulates us to act. Our inner life qualities are brought to the surface and find their outward expression both in developing the Self and in helping others.


  • I am learning to use my own inner feelings.
  • I have insight into my own feelings.
  • My feelings are the source of the manifestation of my Higher Self.


Awareness: of the emotional world and the deeper contact with your soul.
Certainty: in acting from out of your feelings.
Development: of the emotions.
Doing: act from your feeling.
Expansion: of your emotions.
Expression: express your feelings.
Fear: fear to act according to your feelings.
Guidance: because you listen to your highest source.
Healing work: opens you for the needs of the other.
Heart: listen to your heart.
Listen: to your feelings.
Love: gentle, loving warmth for yourself.
Meditation: for a higher connection of love.
Power: in the emotions.
Soul: connects you with the fine, gentle qualities of the soul.
Help: from your emotions.
Trust: in your feelings.
Vulnerability: in your emotions.
Closed: for your inner feelings.
Feelings: open up for your feelings and act to it.
Higher Self: open up for the divine within you.
Insight: gives insight in your feelings.
Courage: to listen to your feelings.
Female strength: listen to your inner self, listen to your soul.
Acceptation: of your feelings and the gentle qualities of yourself.
Activity: act according to what you feel.
Sexuality: feelings of warmth and tenderness in sexuality.


The Yellow Star Tulip essence is made from the vibrational frequencies of the Yellow Star Tulip (Calochortus monophyllus) flower, organic brandy and spring water.


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