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30 ml / 1 oz dosage essence

The Masculine Creative Force deals with the flow from Mind and Thought into physical form and structure.  Creatively assists you in organizing changes and reprogramming your life in a major way.  Assists in clearing old family 'history' - deep genetic patterning.

Sitting at your desk in your study at 4 am, thinking, pondering about your life, your career, and the workings of the world around you – a thought comes into your mind, a picture of something special.  Step by step you begin to put your ideas down on paper, creating something new and exciting.  Metatron inspires you when designing and creating tools and technologies for a better world and may inspire the designer in you towards great change and growth. 

Albert Einstein once said, "I want to know the thoughts of God, the rest are details."  Einstein was a very Metatronic person.  His interests were in understanding how the universe worked, and how the material world was created and functioned.  All these things have to do with thought, mind and form - all of which this Essence very strongly represents.  


Metatron is one of the four Living Light Special Essences.that are not part of the Seven Rays.  

Metatron is said to be the intercessor between humanity, the Creator and Creation, as it flows from the mind and thought of 'God'.  He is the creator and designer of universal form - planetary, stellar, and physical bodies.  On the Tree of Life, Metatron presides over the Sephirah or Sphere of Kether - the Crown, which is the top sphere of the Tree of Life, the Alpha.  He represents the Divine Masculine. 


  • Divine mind
  • Empowering the Masculine
  • Form
  • Structure
  • Stability
  • Designing
  • Planning
  • Blueprinting
  • Architecture
  • Divine Father
  • Spiritual science 


  • Lacking structure
  • Unstable
  • Genetic patterns from ancestors
  • Lacking masculinity
  • Stuck in the past
  • Lacking organization
  • Lacking vision and understanding of the greater meaning of life 


  • Clearing deep genetic patterning
  • Staying in the present moment - too focused on past or future
  • Ability to move forward with one's life work
  • Shifting perceptions of 'reality'
  • Empowers the masculine aspects of self
  • Adapting to new technology
  • Changing patterns of behaviour
  • Creating structure and form
  • Reprogramming your life
  • Expanding your vision and understanding
  • Re-establishing lost connections 


The vibrational frequencies of Imperial Topaz + Living Light Golden Topaz Gem Essence and Living Light Metatron Essence and in a solution of 80% distilled water and 20% grape alcohol/brandy used as a preservative.


7 drops directly under the tongue or in a glass of water 3 times daily for 2 weeks, or as directed by your healthcare professional. May also be applied topically to the skin, or in a bath. For baths add 15 drops.

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