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7 x 30 ml / 1 oz dosage essences

The Living Light Divine Flame series is the most uplifting and transformative of the Living Light Essences.   They help us connect with, understand and appreciate Love, our innate inner Wisdom, and Truth.  These essences are the world's first essences representing the Seven Rays.  


This set of seven Divine Flame Essences comes in a white box with a brochure that has a chart giving a brief description of each essence.  It contains the following essences:

  • Divine Will - First Divine Flame
  • Inner Wisdom - Second Divine Flame
  • Unconditional Love - Third Divine Flame Essence
  • Pure Harmony - Fourth Divine Flame Essence
  • Knowledge - Fifth Divine Flame Essence
  • True Peace - Sixth Divine Flame Essence
  • Freedom & Transformation - Seventh Divine Flame Essence

The essences may be purchased individually or as a set.

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