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7 x 30 ml bottles / 7 x 1 oz bottles

The Living Light Rainbow Essences are a series of colour and gem, crystal and/or mineral combination essences.   These new essences were created to help individuals with the intense new energies and challenges we have been and are continuing to face at this present time.

All of these essences are made, with the exception of the Rainbow/Amethyst, from uncut, natural and untreated stones.  Some were made using the sun method directly in water, and some using the indirect sun method, where the stone is placed in a glass container and then placed in the water. (Some gems and minerals are toxic, which is why the indirect method is used.)


Set One - This set of seven colour and gem-combination essences comes in a white box with a brochure containing a chart explaining each the essences in the first set of  Living Light Rainbow Essences.  It contains the following essences: 

Awakening - Rainbow / Amethyst
Embracing the New - Lime Green / Picture Jasper
Grounding to the Self - Electric Blue / Malachite & Azurite
A New Awareness of Love - Pink / Quartz & Amethyst
The Emerging Self - Black / Quartz & Tourmaline
Finding Contentment & Calm - Red & Gold / Hessonite Garnet & Gold
Being Love - White / Apophyllite & Pink Stilbite

    Each of the essences may be purchased individually or as a set.

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