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Tansy  (Tanacetum vulgare)

Decisions. Doubt.

Use for doubt and the inability to make decisions. To take direct action, and also gives the insight that if you don’t act or decide nothing will happen. When you are stuck in a web of hesitation, it gives trust and helps to connect you with your higher self. Strengthens the heart and gives insight into the deepest core of doubts.

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When someone is always in doubt and cannot make decisions, Tansy flower essence helps you take direct action and gives insight into the process that, if you are not making decisions nothing will happen. When you are caught up or stuck in a web of hesitation, Tansy brings trust and help to connect you with your higher self. Strengthens the heart and gives insight into the deepest core of doubts on all levels of your being.


  • Don't walk any longer in circles around.
  • Find your own way, your feet on the ground.
  • Make a decision, make a new start.
  • I give you the power and the sun in your heart.
  • Feel my strength, my light and my love.
  • Know that I am connected with the sun and the stars high above.
  • Make up your mind, don't step aside.
  • Just trust...........I will be your guide.


Activity: act without hesitation.
Awareness: that all (not) action will eventually come back to you.
Certainty: continuous doubt and inner discussions.
Chaos: chaos in the head because of doubts and procrastination.
Clearing: of doubt.
Clarity: about your deepest doubts.
Courage: in acting, take on things.
Doing: not act because of doubts.
Fear: to take decisions.
Feelings: doubts, when you cannot choose between feelings and reason.
Going on: blockages caused by doubts.
Guidance: higher guidance with doubts and hesitations.
Insight: into your deepest doubts.
Letting go: of doubts and uncertainties.
Power: in your acting.
Precise: too precise when making choices.
Sort out: sort out your thoughts when doubting.
Structures: no structure and clarity in your choices.
Stuck: in a web of hesitation.
Thinking: when you cannot decide whether to take action from out of your thinking or from out of your feeling.
Worries: inner doubts.


The Tansy essence is made from the vibrational frequencies of the Tansy (Tanacetum vulgare) flower, organic brandy and spring water. 


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