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The 4 Mushroom Combination Essence is for being able to express yourself in the most powerful way, for your manifestation. It is for when you have integrated the feminine and masculine aspects of your being, but the intuitive, the higher is still too new for you and you don’t yet have the courage to take the next step.  It is for receiving nurture from the higher levels and the freedom of your heart.

This combination helps you to release old compromises you have made adjusting to others and removes the messes or confusion you have taken on from them. 

It gives you the faith and the courage to let go, which is why you can break through old layers and patterns that would otherwise cause a blockage.  You don’t adjust to the prevailing standards, but act and manifest clearly according to our own rhythm.  It helps you to stop worrying and brings you to the heart of a problem. 

It is good to take it in combination with the Coprinus Auricomus essence.  For when you were unable to create what was necessary for your soul and this caused health problems, the 4 Mushroom Combination brings unformed structures into form.


The 4 Mushrooms Combination Essence is made from the vibrational frequencies of the Mycena, Coprinus Auricomus, Little Inky Cap and Giant Stropharia mushrooms, organic brandy and spring water.


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