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Borage essence strengthens the heart in difficult circumstances and brings gladness and joy. Not letting yourself be blocked by difficulties, persevering courageously, not losing heart despite adversity. When one loses faith, Borage brings back joyfulness and strength to the heart rather than the head. For handling things with the heart rather than the head. Borage has proved effective for those trying for a pregnancy, helping to connect with the soul of the child.


Cosmos: by apparently adversary cosmic circumstances.
Courage: trust the strength of your heart, don't let yourself be put aside.
Death: to go on when family or friends have died.
Depression: resulting from adverse circumstances.
Doing: when you cannot act anymore because of adversity.
Emotions: not rush into your emotions, but go on.
Fear: go on when facing adversity.
Feelings: be able to make room for your feelings.
Female strength: makes the heart happy and gives it Strength in difficult times.
Happiness: within the heart, in spite of problems.
Heart: the courage to act from the heart.
Letting go: have the courage to release the thinking in adversary circumstances.
Moving: when nothing goes your way.
Opposition: joy and power in spite of opposition, let yourself not put aside.
Power: in adversary circumstances.
Pregnancy: when you can't get pregnant without a physical cause.
Shyness: when you miss the power of the heart.
Sorrow: because of opposite forces, in all situations of loss.
Stuck: because of difficult and adversary circumstances.
Help: from your heart by setbacks.
Thinking: let go of thinking and have the courage to trust your heart in difficult situations.
Trauma: strengthens the heart so you can go on, in spite of all difficulties.
Trust: in spite of adverse circumstances.
Worries: because you don't trust your feelings, what makes that you can't let go of the thinking.
Going on: in spite of adversity.


The Borage essence is made from the vibrational frequencies of the Borage (Borago officinalis) flower, organic brandy and spring water.


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