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This chart shows some of the relationship between the Living Light Essences and the Seven Rays.

“According to the ancient Esoteric Philosophy, all of creation comes into being via the interaction of seven great streams of living energy (Rays). These Rays condition all life upon our planet and every human being is subject to their influence.  From a spiritual perspective, an understanding of the Seven Rays is crucial, for it is said that every Soul is found upon one of them. To understand your Soul Ray is to discover your essential nature and spiritual purpose in life.”   ~ meader.org

The Seven Rays are mentioned in many ancient traditions, from India to Egypt, from the Chinese Yao to Mithraism.  They are even part of the Catholic Christian tradition (the seven rays emanating from the dove that represents the Holy Spirit, or from the body of Christ). They were introduced to the west in the late 1800’s by Madam Blavatsky in her book The Secret Doctrine, and by the Theosophists.  

Alice Bailey, perhaps the best-known source on the Rays, claimed to have received her information about the Seven Rays from a Tibetan master, Djwal Khul.  She wrote several esoteric books describing what she called ‘New Age Psychology’, where she states that the Rays “divide everyone in the human race into the seven psychological types” and that, “Each person has a soul ray that remains the same through all their incarnations, and a personality ray that is different for each incarnation.”  [Alice Bailey, The Seven Rays of Life, 1995, New York, Lucis Publishing Co.]

The Living Light Essences represent the archetypal & basic principles and qualities of the Seven Rays, such as Truth, Wisdom, Love, Harmony, Knowledge, Peace, and Freedom.  Each essence relates to specific energies, principles and qualities presented by the individual Rays.  They are meant to assist in bringing forth these basic qualities from within each of us, and help us discover our essential nature and spiritual purpose in life. In essence, they help us become more conscious human beings. 

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